Top Live TV Addon

10. Install USTV Now – You can get this from the Fusion Repo

9. Russia Today News – You can get this from Fusion Repo

8. Install Entertainment Hub –

7. Install Playlist loader –

6. NaviX –

5. ( F.T.V )

4. Install Shahid Arabic –

3. Install PalLive TV –

2. Veetle (You can get this from Fusion Repo)

2. Install VDUBT25 –

1. Install Phoenix – Donation link


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  1. good add-ons there husham. thought 1channel would have been up there. got most of those add-ons with help from your vids of course :-),

    • after installing palllive, it asked me to restart so I did, but now have a problem, kodi has dialog box top right says pvr manager updating, loading channels but frezzes, kodi does work with add ons – vdub,phoenix etc but does not let me reboot or exit, tried clearing cache with no effect.

  2. I am either going to the wrong site or there is a problem with USTVNOW. Every time I try to sign up I get a warning it that is is unsafe. Can anyone else confirm?

    • +Husham Memar
      Not sure about Firestick, but for many the other thing that must be done is to change the to something greater than the silly<1> that is default in Kodi, and Gotham too iirc.  To be fair, the default of 1 is to prevent the systems with limited memory from crashing, and that may actually be the case with Fire Stick… If so, 0 caching may not help much. Paul, try and get a better/newer set top box, at least quad core ,adjust to (0) caching and increase the readbufferfactor.. This can make a large improvement.  Nothing you can do though if it’s the servers at the source that are overloaded, and that is often the case.  Also to be clear – the faster your internet, the better! At least 12 Mbps as a minimum for HD content imo.
       Hushham is THE man!.

  3. HI Bro. thanks for all you video’s very helpful.   im looking for the EdenTV  channel if you can poss help please.

    • where is woody’s I’ve been looking for it all over and can’t find it is if its gone is there a substitute for it… thanks

  4. yay husham hello
    i installed fox hd channels ..ect your list iptv simple client
    played fox hd after 2 minutes it stoped playing ?
    also channels buff  to 17% then plays for 1 second and stops
    it is the same on all channels. thankyou richo

  5. Do you know how to stop a stream or movie from running in the background after you exit from it? When I had the original XBMC i did not have this issue but now that I upgraded to the new TVMC it has been happening.


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