Hey folks, it’s, mad rabbit back in World of Warcraft. Today I’m, showing you some footage. This is kind of a continuation from my previous World of Warcraft video, in which I showed you. It kind of made it more like a tutorial thing of how to get past the first boss encounter, and there was a Blackwing Lair yeah so and for a number of years.

I think a lot of people runner the impression that’s. More of a two-man or plus situation, where it’s, difficult to solo it or something – and i showed you put it to the hunter there’s, a little glitch in which the hunter can get past that so go watch.

The previous video I’m, going to show you some footage of my the rest of my attempt at Blackwing, Lair soloing with that hunter. Oh, what I forgot to mention last episode that my understanding is goblins also have the same ability to be able to jump over to that ledge.

If you watch the last video yeah, so I think I probably has something to do with the rocket boost. I’m, wondering also whether there might be some engineering gadget or something, but I don’t know for sure.

Maybe that will allow you to to do that. Also I don’t know what, if mages can do it, because I don’t think that one ability they have with a spring. I forget the darn name of the ability. Now I don’t, think it arcs and I think it needs our kind of like the disengage does for the hunter.

So yeah go watch that video and I think it’s. Pretty neat, because I hear there’s. A lot of really cool transmog stuff in in a Blackwing Lair, particularly for the hunter, so it’s, not a bad little thing to you know, maybe a temp of solo once a week if you can get it down so on the boss, encounters In here, and even just the trash encounters, we’re, a little tough as you’ll, see in some of my footage.

I obviously sped it up and I’m, not going to do too much commentary over it. One boss, I actually did skip on the dragons. It was just a little too much for me. I couldn’t do but at least it was skippable, then um.

What ends up getting at the end of this particular one is a second to last boss, and so I obviously do fail the second-to-last posture. My understanding is there’s enough. There are strategies out there in which you can get by these bosses and beat them all.

Basically, I mean it’s, not impossible to solo and and once you get used to it. This is sort of where i’ll sing. Last episode of them, i’m, a mediocre punter. I’m, not like a phenom that came up with some of these some of these solo strategies so yeah.

I basically got all that from other people and whatnot and I think it’s more, like I think, if you’re, really good hunter, you can probably sell the way and maybe even a mediocre one like myself. Could it if I ever learned the strategy for it, so you could go check Wow head for the strategies and there’s our, but there are videos out there that kind of go over that I’m, not going to go into It here, like I said I I just tried it once that was my first attempt, and so I failed in the second to last boss.

I think it’s, chrome, majus, or something like that. He is like a tameable hunter pet, this particular boss. So i might do so. I might go back and attempt to tame him that i really want, and I’ll – that much just want to see my understanding is.

Some people are saying get by him just by taming him as a hunter, but he’s kind of difficult to tame, mainly because of all these different debuff. She throws Anya and there are ways around at least some of them.

There’s, one alchemy formula that will get you by some of it. There are some drops in here some kind of a special sand that’ll, get rid of the one that stuns you and also – and i think in Blackrock Spire, where you encounter the spiders.

I think it must be lower Blackrock Spire. They drop some kind of special ink sack that gets rid of the thing that damages you. So some tighe s. If you really are serious about soloing this place, you actually want to on the lower Blackrock Spire.

I think for those spiders aren’t get those because it will make that encounter much easier and also remember to use those the sands that drop from the trash in right here in black wing, where I forgot the darn name of the alchemy.

For me, that’ll, get rid of some of the other ones, but you don’t necessarily need it. So I mean I don’t know it’s kind of it’s. Gon na help you it’s. It’s, a much more difficult to solo raid, then say um molten core, which I’ve, been I did last week.

I did molten core pretty much all my people just to see. If I could do it with them, I had more difficulties with some classes than others, but um yeah. I really mainly just to get trying to find transmog stuff.

I don’t, have is to have it in storage and whatnot. It always be nice to get that least, maybe my main character or somebody maxed out with the reputation there, just since things are become account bound.

That’s, a horribly long grind, so I don’t really know. If I’m really serious about the reputation grinds in these, these raids, but it’d, be nice to do that, I guess at any rate it about halfway through our footage here.

So this boss, here didn’t, give me much problems. The one in right after the area was on the slowing gas or whatever i’m, not going to actually directly talk about this too much anymore. Actually, i’ll.

Just let you watch the footage i want to talk about. They just announced this past week and this that the mists of pandaria are is going to be released, which is pretty cool. It’s, obviously going to some sort of an event happening.

I think i might have something to do with what they’ve, been saying about the destruction of Theramore the horde supposed to destroy Theramore. I guess, and that might have something to do with the starter events, which will probably will assume, maybe is going to be a week or two or three before the release of the expansion, but it’s going to be September.

I think 25th. Let me check my yeah check my calendar 25th, so that should be good. I already bought mine. Obviously, if you go to battle.net it’s there on the front splash page, whether you get the collectors edition or regular, I got regular.

I didn’t quite like the mounts. I would have liked to have gone to the deluxe that collectors edition only for the soundtrack I really like soundtracks for games and stuff and really is difficult getting those things.

Sometimes out of the box like afterward, you have to go to ebay and they jack up the prices and all that which I hate. But honestly, I always was hoping for something like that, but I couldn’t justify it.

I think that that one is a little more. They weren’t actually advertising on the front page. Even it was like what was it 69, 99 or 79 99. It’s a lot of morning, whatever it was, it was a lot. I just I couldn’t justify that, so what any rate yeah i’m.

Looking forward to the expansion, I think there’s. Gon na be a lot of good stuff in this and it’s. Definitely going to be a breath of fresh air from cataclysm which kind of bored me I couldn’t bring myself to do that heroic dungeons, particularly those troll ones.

I had died random once and I just uh. I ran one of them once I my main character, like I so frustrated, maybe after a few encounters. I just said I forget this, so I did not run heroics. I skipped basically skipped the whole heroic thing and went to the hour was at our Twilight heroics because you could just grind in the normals for justice points to get the that higher levels of 378 gear and he goes by your by your parts were 378.

So when that came – and I did start doing that I didn’t find them nearly as difficult. I did find some of them a little difficult some areas, but I mean that they were. I find an easier to pick up. I can’t.

I couldn’t, do the troll ones I just said forget it. Maybe I’ll, go back and do it with an overpowered group, next expansion or something just to get the achievement or whatever well yeah. Just um I really first whole year worth of cat ilysm, I didn’t, really run much in the way of dungeons, and it really didn’t start doing many until that patch, where those came out wrote our Twilight’S and trans mugging and all that yeah, so I guess some I’m.

Looking forward to this, I’m, be honest with you. I’ve, been looking at mmo-champion, a web cycled mmo-champion, which post data mine’s. A lot of material in the beta shows a lot of the all kind of different items you’re, going to get and well anyway, it’s provide a lot of good information, so i went there and i ‘

Ve been keeping up on what’s, the changes are going to be happening and i’m, not big fan. This is these are the only points in which i’m? Not i’m, not too happy with Pandora. I mean I’d, like everything I like the the pet battles, I think it really is going to get people out and going and do things and if you don’t like you can skip it there’s.

So much to do in this expansion, you know I maybe if you didn’t want to do that. You don’t skip it, but the thing is, I’m, going to probably do it. I really like the whole idea of the pet battles thing.

So the thing is I’m, going to probably um probably do a lot with the pet battles. First, I might start my main character. I want to go through every solitary quest in Pandaria, with my main character and just relax and take my time doing it with her the rogue that’s, sort of my main character and I’m.

Not gonna really get touch. The dungeons this time around, at least until later on again, I’m sure that the only thing ends up angering people when you get in there and you’re, a noob to a dungeon. But you know that’s.

The way it is in this horrible, awful community in World War Craft – sadly, so I’ll, be one of these people had kind of joins in on the mindless dungeon grind later on, i’m still debating whether i’M going to do a lot of the dailies, they have a lot of factions, a lot of dailies, very heavy on that in this expansion, but they’re.

Removing the limit to how many dailies you can do. I don’t, know good or bad, but it’s still going to get boring after a while still going to feel like a job, and so I just to me that’s, one of the things I don’t like about this expansion and another thing is um.

I’ve, looked at all the suits a different tier stuff, the greens I’m, not even the challenge mode items, the suits of things you can collect and I’m, not liking them. I for transmog purposes. What I’m, saying here, I really don’t like them.

I i’m, going to understand and it’s. Just I like architecture and the look and the feel of you, know Asian cultures and I probably mean lean more towards favoring labor. Japanese. I know there was wanted to some set set sort of did actually look a little bit like a samurai suit, but it really just didn’t appeal to me much for the characters i have in the in the game currently.

So i really don’t think a lot i will be doing much in the way of you know looking for gear for transmog Zand whatnot. So it is expansion, but I get more to talk about omniscient pantera guides and since i’m, not a footage here, i picked up a couple nice items here.

As you see in this run, now I ‘ Ll, have some more footage soon, guys on different things, and we’ll talk more about miss panda as we get closer catch you next time, whatever setting off adios

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