Mchanga How To Install Ares Wizard for Kodi 17 Krypton Kodi 17.4 and Jarvis 16.1 with an Easy Kodi Build Install for October 2017

In this complete kodi setup tutorial, Mchanga teaches you how to install the new ares wizard with all of its great Kodi maintenance tools and features including how to install kodi addons and how to install kodi builds with just one url. If you are running into Kodi buffering issues and need a quick fix you can use this amazing Kodi Ares wizard for the tweak to fix kodi buffering. Even if you are someone that wants to keep it simple and not have to search for the Best Kodi Build every month you can use this kodi Ares wizard for some great Kodi Builds to install with no hassle. Many of the popular Kodi addons like Covenant can be found inside the Ares Wizard with a few clicks.

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  1. Good Morning, Sister “MA” 🙂 several weeks I installed Ares that you said you were using and it makes me happy because I can see almost all that I want; Do I need to upgrade to where you are or Keep this one; I am easy to confuse?

    • +Stephen Moore Hi there love. No you don’t need to upgrade at all ❤️ Yours should be working fine if you already have it installed.

  2. Hello Mchanga just wanted to say I love all your videos one question I installed Covenant but where do I go to start using it have a blessed and safe weekend ❤️??

  3. You are pretty damn awesome. You make this so easy, I like that you are calm and explain things. I’ve literally never commented on on any other videos?

  4. Omg!!! This video is the one!!! I have fusion!!! FINALLY!!!! Instead of doing the durex I went to the other one that requires a pin. Entered the pin and finally kodi restart popped up.!!!!! Its 1:04pm est now I am going to watch another one of your video’s for the skin. Thank you so much!!!!!

  5. I’ve been following you for awhile now I like how you explain how to install builds you talk slow and very clear I just bought the nvidia shield because you said it’s the one you have can ares wizard be installed on the shield and do you have a video thank you

  6. Hey Mchanga !!! Guess What ??? …. Monkey Butt 😛 .. Anyways I used this video to install Ares why ? Cuz you Haven’t steered me wrong ty homegirl Love, Peace & Chicken grease ✌?


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