Guess who’s back we’ve got some new and updated things for you up. Don’T forget about ipvanish. If you’re going to do some streaming, you might want to click through on the link below and get a nice little uh safety net.

If you will ipvanish check it out, don’t forget to subscribe to my twitter, so you’ll know when i’m getting some uh are putting out some videos and feel free to uh. Send me a tip. It has happened before believe it or not.

One of these videos i’ll still give the i’ll give the shout outs right there right there. Okay, sentry sports gonna add on here. This might be helpful if you’re gonna attempt to stream the super bowl so check out sentry another new one is ustv go, so this is for first, some free channels.

You can use this particular app and check out what is being given away, live free online and, lastly, for our new ones. We’Ve got kodi karaoke if you’re into putting on a show. This might be the add-on for you, so it’s not too often.

We have a music add-on, but here it is, and for some updated ones, you’ve got some. If you’re looking for some free content, patriot might be a place to check out uh. There has been some issues with the narcissist repo, though so, hopefully, you’ll be able to get that figured out.

Another free one is asgard. This one has some free links and some pay links so check that one out and the oath is always one of the top free ones. So again, you’re looking for free content check out the oath, some reel-to-bread ones, we’ve got base 19 from team crew.

Cody check out that one uh another sports one here, the loop again, it’s good to have a backup plan in case the super bowl streaming goes poorly, so check out the loop, if you’re after some free movies and potentially uh you’re, paying the real the bridge service.

You can check out f movies, it has been updated and again maybe your third backup option for the super bowl. We got sports hd. It has been updated so check out that one some reel the bridge ones again, if you’re paying for the service, you can use these particular add-ons for paid content.

We got chains. Additionally, we’ve got fen which has been updated. I don’t think i updated my logo, but there it is for finn and odin another one uh for the real debride stuff and another another another one, rogue one.

So we’ve got lots of real debride options here and a fourth option for streaming. The super bowl might be the mad titan check it out, updated all right that wraps up the clone alliance box pro. It’S recorded this video and everything else in the world check it out, link in the description below and check out for my live streams and whatever else i’m putting out there.

Thank you and enjoy

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