This is the replacement to addon installer fro tv addons now called indigo it does a lot more with a good few tools as well inside.


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  1. The Addon Installer it features seems to be very limited and doesn’t have that many addons overall, and many of what they do have seems to be outdated and either has limited functionality or does not work at all. 🙁

    • The addon installer was the same but this one does have a few different sections. Like live tv section which is good for new ppl to kodi

  2. I have this on Kodi 17 …….I can purge packages and delete cache, but the delete thumbnails gives me an error message every time….does it for you? Also I tried to add the Netflix addon three times and it doesn’t appear. Any thoughts?

  3. the version now, will not let my video buffer ahead, and I have video playback on expert and refresh rate on always, anyone else notice this?

    • I haven’t sorry but I have noticed a lot of people saying that it has removed addons etc but I have not had this myself as it’s on my personal build I use also I set my device using ares maybe try doing that to help with buffering

  4. Hey Daz BFYI, Really nicely done tutorial. Clear and concise. My only issue would be that you are pushing people towards tvaddons. tvaddons or the man in behind tvaddons, has developed a software in which it targets sources and addons not associated with it’s on product/s. They do this by going into your computers and devices with this software.  The attempt is to corner a free open streaming market, deleting or kicking out some of our well thought out configurations in your KODI builds such as sources and addons. This  makes it very difficult for developers who are bringing us their genius when it comes to their creations. tvaddons is making millions of dollars on the backs of these struggling developers. I’m sure most people could care less as long as they get free content to watch. But lets not forget why these exceptionally talented developers started giving us this to began with. They like us, got tired of cable companies squeezing the mess out of their customers for content that at one point was free or at least reasonably priced. We really need to do what we can to disrupt or stop the process of tvaddons where and when we can.  Simply because what they are doing is just wrong, not to mention extremely frustrating to those who chooses one addon over another, but is being forced to use an undesired selection by forced default. Do what you will, but I urge everyone to stay clear of these tvaddon software’s products for the sake of free market streaming.

    • Thanks for that info I don’t mean to push people to get it I was just showing the addon and what it does. I have seen people saying it gets rid of some addons but it hasn’t happened to me yet thankfully


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