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New video Add-on for XBMC/KODI called Genesis giving you the ability to watch any movie or TV show absolutely free.

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    • Yes the mobile app can stream. I use to have to stream it through an app called avia. That worked well but I am pretty sure there is an easier way now. Not that streaming with avia wasn’t easy. Avia is a media player. You can set it up to interscept your media that you play on xbmc. From that app you can stream to chromcast.

  1. so are most movies just standard definition? i noticed this one was SD. i tried to get interstellar and i believe they were all sd. no way im watching a science fiction movie in 2015 in 480 resolution. no thanks..

    also i notice a lot of the time it says – “no stream available”, for certain shows like “the tonight show” i tried to watch an episode from a couple years ago. and none of the links would work. actually none of the links for tonight show worked. nor did any work for conan, or several ¬†other talk shows i tried to watch. i then basically gave up trying links, when every link you try doesnt work….???

    is this normal? or is there a fix?  if its normal, then this box is going up for sale. mx2 box.

  2. Need the exact link for genesis add=on. I couldn’t hear what you said in your film.¬† Could you please type the link here?¬†

  3. New Kodi user, I want to install it on an Android device…Will I use the *same links* I’ve used to install repozitories from zip file, on my Windows computer?

    • Yes you share with the same set up on all platforms. once you’re inside of Kodi set up is the same but on certain mobile and tablet platforms for android and iOS a fresh install will be pre-loaded with touchscreen skin. But you can go into settings under appearance settings change the skin to confluence

    • +OneTechGenius (XBMC HELPER)
      Thank you! Good community around this service, and such a good program. It is really usefull, especially when the notebook one has to carry arroud only has 80 Gb to spare:) Ive been around since Norton Commander and Qbasic were state of the art, but I only heard of this last week. Its good !:)

  4. In Genesis when you click on Movies, then Genre it will bring you to several genre categories such as drama, western, etc. When I used to click on a particular category I would get a nearly endless list of movies within that genre going back decades. But recently only movies made in 2015 and 2014 show up under any genre. I hate this! Is there any way to change it back to the way it used to be???

    • I have no control over add ons and if I did they would work lol sorry buddy there’s other alternatives not just one location where those files are kept


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