New official Kodi Raspberry Pi HTPC case made from Aluminium by FLIRC. The whole case acts like a heatsink, its compatible with the Raspberry Pi Model 2 and Model 3.
It costs £16 in the UK, or $20 in America.
UK / Europe –



  1. seems pricey for a case but kodi + pi is pure win we’re gonna get one for a back up pc when we can afford it four boys and one potato pc ain’t cutting it lol

  2. Damn gonna cost $44.16 because of the shipping price to Australia, I’m gonna pass on this case for now. It looks like a really good case though.

  3. you are correct in not being able to see if heatsinc lines-up with the cpu,,,,well it doesn’t …I just took mine apart after being together for the past 2mnts ,and the impression on the heatsinc  pad shows the cpu doesn’t line up with the heatsinc post .it misses the cpu by1/8 to just over 1/8 inch on 2 sides of the cpu ..

  4. gpio issues buy second pi…problem solved if you want a easy solution but i just came up with an idea that would allow gpio use 100%.


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