Let me start this video with a sincere thank you to you guys! With your support, my channel has crossed ten thousand subscribers! With the bottom of my heart, Thank you! Now let us move to the topic of today’s video, that is, how you can play retro games on your computer, firestick, android tv or even something as humble as the Raspberry pi! You may ask, what kind of Retro games? Do you remember contra, mario, road rash? Yes, those kinds of games.

Excited? So, let’s begin! First let me tell you about all the things you will need. You will need a device which can run kodi and a gamepad which can connect to your device running kodi. Keyboard and mouse can also work, but for the best experience, I recommend buying a gamepad.

I will leave links to some USB wired, wireless gamepads in the description below. One more thing. Depending on the game that you want to play, your device may or may not have sufficient processing power to run that game.

For example, Road rash does not run smoothly on my Raspberry Pi 1B, but runs fine on my computer. As a baseline, all devices will be able to run NES games like contra and mario without any problems. First things first.

You will need to download and install kodi. If you already have kodi installed, you can skip this part of the video. If you don’t have kodi installed, watch on! If you are on a computer, you can go to kodi.

tv slash download and download kodi for your operating system, be it Windows, linux or Mac OS. If you are running a raspberry pi, you can directly download and flash Libreelec which is the standalone version of kodi for raspberry pie.

If you are running a firestick, you can get kodi by typing this link in downloader and installing the apk. By the way, you will have to enable installation from unknown sources. Now we need to download a zip file from which we can install the games add-on repository.

On your computer, click on the games addon link to download the zip file. If you are on a Raspberry pi, you can copy the zip file onto the memory card that you just flashed. On the firestick, type in the following link in downloader to download the zip file.

The zip file will then be downloaded in the downloader folder of your firestick. Now we need to install the repository from the downloaded zip file. Open Kodi, Go to settings, Go to addons, Select install from zip file, Click on Yes, Now navigate to the zip file which we just downloaded and Press ok.

You should then receive a message that Zach Morris addon was installed. Now click the back button, Select Install from repository, Select zach morris addons, Select game addons, Select Internet Archive Game launcher, and select Install.

Some additional add ons will need to be installed for the Internet archive game launcher to work. So give permission by pressing ok. If everything goes smoothly, you should receive a message that the Internet archive game launcher was installed successfully.

Now go back to the main page, Go to addons, and select the Internet archive game launcher. Agree to the terms and conditions. Select yes to start the setup wizard. Press ok. If you have an archive.org account, you can enter it here.

I don’t have one, so I selected no. Press ok. Select Kodi retro player as the launcher, On the install default emulators dialog box, select choose on launch. This way, you will save emulators for games that you are never going to play, won’t get installed.

You will save time and space. You will receive a message that the setup has been completed. Select no on select cache list to disk. At this point, connect the gamepad to your device if you haven’t already, to start playing.

I am using the xbox 360 wireless controller and it works perfectly with Kodi on my computer and Raspberry Pi. You will need a bluetooth gamepad if you want to play games on firetv stick. You can browse games by lists or categories.

A quick disclaimer here. Please only play games that you already own. In my case, I own a 66 in 1 games cartridge which has contra on it, so It will be morally ok to play contra. I am going to go to NES or Nintendo entertainment system because I want to play some Contra.

You can browse games alphabetically or as a big list. I will select alphabetically, navigate to C and then navigate to contra. Select contra and then select launch. Since it is the first time that we are launching a game, an emulator for that game type will also need to be installed.

Select any one emulator from the available choices and jaadu! Your game will launch! If you want to exit the game, press the back and start button together to return to Kodi. You can give some other games a try.

Currently the Internet archive game launcher supports ten thousand games, so you will undoubtedly find the games that you loved and used to play in your younger days. Now you will run into some errors here and there, and some games will not launch.

Like I wanted to play prince of persia, but it would just crash kodi and exit to desktop. This is to be expected because we are trying to run games meant to be run to a different gaming system. But NES games, you should face no problems at all! So I hope you will try out some old games and relive your childhood memories.

I certainly did! Comment down below your favourite games and your fond memories about them! I hope you found this video useful! Please like if you did, and please don’t forget to subscribe, for more such awesome videos.

My name is Vaibhav, and I will see you guys in my next video!


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