Hi guys just a quick tutorial here to show you how you can protect some of your kodi addons with a pin number.


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  1. Excellent video. Been looking for something like this for a while and had no clue how to block adults content. Followed this and it worked like magic. Thanks for posting it, love your work!

    • +santos ghimire no lol. Don’t worry use it all you wish . It’s not ilegal . And even if it was you would never get caught . On another note don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. You could always use a proxy or von for extra safety

    • +Top Tutorials okey thanks
      i am following your videos so please if there is any ilegal thing mention on videos
      your videos are great and buid are also good i dont have to do anything just dowload the build 🙂

  2. hanks for this. How can i get PINSENTRY to ask for password for only R rated movies from my movie library which is more than 2000 movies. I dont want to browse through all the movies and select each movies with R rated to ask for password. I want PINSENTRY to check the MPAA rating of the movie i am playing from the movie library and ask for password if its R rated

  3. Is there a way to make Pinsentry ask for the password on every file EXCEPT those in a specific folder? I’m using Exodus and have Aeon Nox shortcuts to my Trakt lists, but you can still access the rest of Exodus. I’d like all shows and movies in these specific folders to not require a pin, but for everything else to ask for one. Thanks!

  4. I don’t remember installing this pinsentry adding at all and I have never set a PIN number. Now it is asking for pin to enter and I don’t know it. Is there a default pin or something?

    • +My Reviews no you need to set it , have you installed a build? Use a file browser to go into the kodi directory , go to addons , then delete pin sentry and it will be gone


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