You might have heard of Dual Boot on a Raspberry Pi, but we are going to amp it up to 11 with a Quad Boot Raspberry Pi ★ Amazon (US) ► ★ eBay (WorldWide) ►

Follow along with the video so you can Quad Boot your Raspberry Pi too.

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This is a How to Raspberry Pi 2 video that also works for Raspberry Pi 3 but will not work on a B+ or Zero.

EDITOR: Kim Groth

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  1. This quadboot nearly takes up all the space on my 32gb SD card that I couldn’t scrape all my roms, and some games couldn’t load due to not enough space on the device. And I couldn’t uninstall Rasplex, which I didn’t really need, so I can have more space left on my sd card. That is why I’m getting this message, “No space left on device.”

    • Try the Multiboot website for their Triple Boot image. That will save you some space and remove Rasplex from the situation 🙂 You could probably even just install 3 of the OS’s from the Quad Boot installer too 🙂

    • TechWizTime I did reformatted my SD card, and switched to triple multi-boot. I can scrape all my roms, and upgrade Raspbian Jessie to Pixel, but I can’t update Retropie 4.1 due to no space left on device. I think I’ll be better to stick with Retropie 4.0.2, since I don’t want to keep reformatting my SD card every time I messed up my emulationstation. Thanks for the help

    • problem is the partition i think… cause i have a 32 gb but it showing retropie has only a max of 6gb… not sure how to change that though..

    • Good question. I haven’t had a chance to explore this yet with the Quad Boot Pi System. I will try to soon but as you can imagine, there’s lots of things to try 🙂

    • TechWizTime can you help me? I followed your guide to set this up but the image is rather old. I tried to update raspian and retropie within the systems but Rapspian is just freezing when I change back to it. Do I have to wait for a new quad boot image? Thanks for reading and keep up the good work <3

  2. I am having trouble with Raspberry Pi and RaspPlex being :etter Boxed. OpenLEC is working fine. I have enabled screen scannin in retropie-config but not sure why it is not taking up the entirety of my screen. Do you have any suggestions?

  3. Have you been able to recover the icons and carbon background for Raspbian and Rasplex after updating RetroPie?

  4. Thanks for this. However the openelec kodi version is 15.1 which is over a year old now. Do you know of a more recent version of the image or instructions on how to upgrade it please

  5. awesome! Question, If your needing to write a script for a power button or anything…how would you do that? (or am i overthinking this? with mutiboot) would you need to go into each OS and write the script?

  6. i need your help . how do i add my own custom retropie image . instead of using the one that comes with the boot option.

  7. I have a question regarding a multiboot on my raspberry pi. I used a triple boot from the multi boot website and when im using the newest kodi and i go to “shutdown system” everything seems to shutdown except i still see the green light… so im afraid to unplug my pi… how do i make it so it properly shuts down… or is it properly shutdown and i just dont know why the green light on?


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