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I[f you are interested in getting the complete kit setup and ready contact me through facebook to arrange payment and delivery.]

This is a raw uncut video showing Openelec version 5.0.3 running on Raspberry Pi B 2. OPENELEC is one of the best known destros for using a media center entertainment hub on your Raspberry Pi MicroSD used was a Kingston class 10 16GB micro sd card. This version of Openelec features Kodi Helix 14.1 and i added some addons from the Fusion repositories and the Xunitytalk repositories. I also tried out some files from my own local storage NAS HDD.
Kodi was previously known as XBMC.

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    • +galatis I have a Android box that is able to run .iso files smoothly including the menus.  My raspberry Pi 2 cannot.  The hardware specs are the same. How does this work?  What is the difference?

    • +galatis I have the file on my NAS,  and I select it under “Video/Files” of the menu of XBMC.  So, instead of choosing .mvk, mp4, I choose the .iso file.

    • +galatis Nope, no errors.  Just that the screen is mostly DEEP gray and there is pixilization.  Does not allow me to watch movie because I can’t press “play movie”.  This is just an example of a standard .iso file.

    • +Fabio Vaccaro the video is real time and is captured from power on of the raspberry so if you measure the time from boot to system it’s about 12 seconds as you can see for your self. my intro is about 1 to 2 seconds right after that the raspberry powers on.

    • +Galactus Thanks! I was interested to know if the power on was at the beginning of the video… As you are so helpful: a sd memory with higher class decrease booting time? What is the speed of your memory? Thanks, bye

  1. Hey Mr G, have you gotten any method to get your Pi to play Acestream links at all?  That’s the only thing missing from my setup at the moment, and you definitely seem like the best man to ask!  Thanks for all the videos, you’re a great online resource.


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