Let’s see if Live TV playback works on the Raspberry Pi 2.

So after enabling Live TV, I ended up at the PVR Client Add-on screen. I use the DVBlink server from DVB Logic:

so I selected that client, entered my server’s IP address and enabled the add-on. You’ll need to enter the IP address or host name of your own live TV server here.

Without the hardware codec license(s) loaded, SD channels seem to playback smoothly, but HD channels are a bit choppy. I’ll have to purchase and install those licenses. I did a video earlier on that process (and I had to refer to it this time to refresh my memory):

I noticed that the Kodi Live TV channel icon feature seems to be missing. So, I’ll wait a few days and then see if an update is released that adds back that feature. So stay tuned for that to happen and I’ll show how to add channel icons:

There are other PVR clients available and I only showed one. If there is interest, I can do a video on the WMC PVR client which taps into the Windows Media Center TV tuner and recorded TV functions.

The simple IPTV feature is also very interesting, capturing hundreds of live TV streams from around the world. However, it seems to wipe out any local TV tuner support and if that is enabled, you can’t see any of your own TV tuners.

Questions welcome in the comments section below.

As always, thanks for watching!


    • If the game is on a local over the air TV broadcast and you have a digital TV tuner of some sort, then yes.  Two options there are the DVB Logic TV server package I use or Windows Media Center along with something like the Silicon Dust HD HomeRun TV tuner box and a TV antenna.  Or if you have cable TV, you can get a cable card TV tuner and use that with the aforementioned packages.  Another option would be to use the Kodi “Simple IPTV” add-on and see if you can find a streaming source for the sports channel you want.  I’ve seen ESPN3 and several other US sports channels listed in the IPTV channel lists. 

  1. at 4:21 in the bottom left of the screen it says settings level standard. if you click on that and change it to advanced, then maybe it brings up an option that allows you to change channel icons?

  2. Hi, can you do a video on the WMC PVR client which taps into the Windows Media Center TV tuner and recorded TV functions. I would be curios to see that work. Thanks

  3. I had the same experience on mine. Thank you for sharing. My setup is:
    client: rpi2, openelec
    server: hdhomerun dual > serverwmc backed
    Live tv still stuttered as seen above ^^

    • +bigdlb14 You would use whatever address you assigned to your local live TV server. You will need a server on your local network which can receive the over the air TV signals and then offer them up as network streams. One option is a Silicon Dust HD HomeRun network tuner box. It connects to a TV antenna cable and and has a network port and you can get a basic TV signal that way. More capable servers, like the DVBLink server I run or Windows Media Center can provide a more complete live TV environment with electronic program guide data and recording features. Check out my cable cutting playlist for more information on setting that all up.

  4. the channel switching looks really fast! on raspberry pi 1 it sooooooooooooo damn slow with kodi. I’d like to buy a new raspberry pi…am i doing the right thing? 🙂

    • +Giampiero Bono Yes, the RPi 2 is faster than the RPi B+ for sure. It also helps that this system is on a hardwired Ethernet connection. And this is with the DVBlink PVR client, I think the WMC PVR Client switches channels slower. I’ll need to try some side by side comparisons on the different PVR clients to get some hard numbers on the switching time.

    • +Abhi Yadav I’ve not tried that directly but there are some “P2P Streaming” add-ons that do something along those lines.

  5. Good day , I hope you can help me please , I’m just starting in the world of RASPBERRY , I intend to buy a raspeberry pi 2 B and want to install any application for IPTV, Can Raspberry Run Kodi ? You do not know if also runs a program called ROSADIN IPTV ? And a question that is tormenting ME , Could i TO CONNECT THE RASPBERRY PI 2 A TV with RCA input ? Thank you so much.

    • +mrwardy7 Yes, you’ll need some sort of external TV signal source. Not sure if there are USB-type plug in tuners for the RPi or not. I use a combination of an HD Home Run network tuner box and also a PCI card in my media server PC. I run the DVB Link TV tuner package that provides the TV sources over the network.

    • This the the IP address of my own TV server on my local network. You would of course need to set up your own TV server (and use it’s I{ address) or use one of Kodi’s IPTV streaming sources.


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