So you make your Raspberry Pi 2 to a DVB-C streaming TV device with OpenELEC + Kodi + TVHeadend.

The used Hardware you can find here:

My Blog (german language):


  1. Thanks so much – finding the HTSP client was frustrating me to no end; had no idea to check in Disabled Add-Ons! Thanks!

  2. Wow – so good. 2 things stopped me getting the working the first. First finding the tvheadend add on was awful. Do not know why they have hidden it so much, seems crazy to me.

    And the second thing is configuring tvheadend. It’s remembering to update the dvb adapter info with the network once you have created it.

    I too needed to reboot after doing this to get the stations to be found

    Thanks a llot

    • +raspberryundco Hi bro based on your link i have collected this TV card from Germany. But it did not detect from linux system. Germany is 8 Thoursand kilomiter away from me. But i have failed can you help me out? Which OpenElec version u use?

    • +raspberryundco Here in Bangladesh we use analog cable netowrk by receiver and c band antena…so which option i have select for channel scan? Please help me..

  3. I want to thank you so much! I was looking up anything and everything to find how to setup the backend for TVHeadEnd and nothing gave a clear answer like your tutorial did!

    • +Bigjuergo

      should be possible. Of course it have to be compatible with Linux. Check if there a drivers for the CI Cardslot for Linux.

      Kind Regards,

  4. Great work!! Do anyone know, if the rometo control of the dongle is working as remote control for Pi3? if so, how to install it? Thanks 😉


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