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Quick video showing my triple boot system for RetroPie, Raspbian and KODI (OpenELEC). Ignore the black box that is around Caireo-Dock – I have fixed that now.


Please read the Readme file for full instructions.


    • +Steve Smith  I just wrote that when it was downloading. Thanks so much its exactly what i was trying to do, even better. Im new to linux and was finding things difficult. This needs to be on the pi website! Works great. 

    • +Van Ho. Hi. Have you read the ‘readme’ file that I include in my builds? It gives step-by-step instructions on how to install.

  1. Thank you very much for sharing your work, this is awesome. But I have issues on using the WiFi on this build. All the the 3 OS could not connect to a network using a USB WiFi (I’m using EW-7188Un) but working fine using wired LAN. This USB WiFi I have is perfectly working on other build that I have installed on my Pi 2 board.

    Does the WiFi connection works for you?


    • Hi, sorry for the delay in replying. Not sure why Wi-Fi would work on standard install and not mine as I didn’t remove anything? I had difficulties with Wi-Fi myself (in my build and the standard Raspbian), but I had to hunt down a firmware / driver file for my WiFi dongle and copy it to the Pi. I also installed Wicd to manage the WiFi connection instead of the standard Raspbian manager. Once I done that it worked OK. If you hunt out my triple-boot thread on the RetroPie forums then you will see my post about how I done all the above. Good luck!

  2. Just a quick comment as I haven’t been on here properly for a while. I removed links to all my builds due to the KODI partition containing addons that could stream copyrighted content. It was a tad naive of me to release them that way in the first place so apologies to anyone who may have frowned upon my build content.

    I am now working on new (and improved!) builds that will not have any KODI addons installed that could link to copyrighted content. I am open to suggestions for Dual-Boot / Triple-Boot builds (not just limited to RetroPie of course), so any suggestions let me know.


  3. I can’t get it to boot up. The Pi 3b powers up, but no signal. I tried pressing 1 to start the hdmi of the monitor, but that didn’t work either. I tested all components, and everything is fine with other builds.

    • What are you using as a power source? Make sure you are using the recommended ratings. I had this same problem… I tried to power it from a powerbank battery and it would power up but nothing. I even got it sometimes to go halfway and then it would crap out. Went to a powerbrick straight into the wall and it worked. Also make sure your sd card is formatted FAT32(if using a Mac select MSDOS(FAT) for format and Master Boot Record for scheme). Also install OSes from a USB stick.

  4. Just a question the installer says it supports the raspberry pi 2, i assume this is the quad core raspberry pi 2. Does this mean it will then work on Rasbperry pi 3 given its essentially the same just with stronger specs?

    • Never mind i figured it out, checked out your site. Great job on making a multiboot and customizeable setup in your reworked noobs setup. Nice dude, seriously nice!

  5. how did you get retropie on the desktop? How did you get raspian in the menu selection? I just installed noob and dont know how to launch emulation station/retropie

  6. Here’s the cons about installing a triple boot: It can almost take up the whole space of 16-32gb sd card that you won’t be able to update Retropie to 4.1, scrape all your roms, and some of the roms that you added won’t load on your emulators. If you tried to do any of these, you’ll get this message, “No space left on device.”

  7. hello, I’m new to this. I have installed these and I want to install roms for retropie from raspbian. Is that possible?


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