This video today is going to deal with right triangles and the angles and ratios that you can figure out when looking at them. So we’ve got a right triangle here. Of course, it’s got a right angle and lotus at the side across from the right angle directly across as our hypotenuse.

That’S our longest side of a triangle and our two shorter sides are going to be called legs. Instead of using his words, though we’re going to do some letters, a B and C now inside of our triangle, we’ve got a couple of angles: one of them is called alpha and the other one’s called beta.

Now there’s a few things we can do with this. So why don’t we just look at angle alpha in this example? First thing we can do is we can look at the side? That is opposite of our angle alpha and that’s going to be the letter, A we’re also going to look at the side.

That would be adjacent to a which is in fact the letter B. So in a future example, we’ll have some numbers instead of having a and B will be able to actually come up with numbers and get a ratio and get an answer.

So that’s one thing you can do you can get the opposite over the adjacent. The second thing you can do is you can get the opposite over the hypotenuse notice that our opposite of alpha is still the letter A and now, instead, our hypotenuse is going to be labeled see.

So that’s the second thing you can do. Third thing you can do is you can take your adjacent value or letter in this case B and divide it by the hypotenuse letter C? So we’ve got three different ratios here.

We can get three two different answers to solve a few things about our triangle. Now my next example we’re going to look at alpha beta, so beta actually is a different side. That’S opposite, B and a different side.

That’S adjacent a different letters. I should say so when we come up with our ratios. For these we’re of course, going to have different numerical answers and values when we actually introduce some numbers into these examples.

So why don’t we go ahead? So in our example, here we’re going to look at angle beta and I’ve already labeled the side. That would be opposite, so in this case the number opposite theta would be 6 and our number adjacent to that be would be eight.

So we can look at our three ratios now. First one says: let’s take our opposite, which is the number 6 and / our hi pot news, which is the number 10, and so that should be 0 point. 6. Second ratio we can do is we can take our side? That’S opposite, which is going to be the number 6 and our side that’s adjacent, and that number would be 8 course.

That’S going to be point 7, 5 and the third one we can do is we can take our adjacent number 2 beta, which is eight and / our hypotenuse number, which is 10 and get point eight. So we have been able to find three different ratios for this particular triangle.



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