I believe Kodi can be put on the Roku via $5 hardware pretty darn easily. With a Raspberry Pi Zero connected inside the Roku case (for neatness) Via Ethernet Port VNC like or straight through other hardware or Wifi with Kodi / XBMC installed on the Raspberry i


  1. @Clark Kent
    Actually, I probably can, just extremely occupied with too many problems in my life…..but I want this to get done…so I thought I would at least throw the idea out there for someone else to try. ?

  2. The other part of this is that you probably need to create a Roku channel that specifically accesses the Raspberry Pi and controls it….imagine it like a Roku accesssing a PLEX server…that is one way….although I prefer it control the Raspberry Pi in a more direct manner….not just to access the videos but to control the interface in Kodi using the ROKU remote.

  3. the video can be sent to the ethernet port by adding a second video device or replacing the x11 device and routin through the TCP device in linux. ive done this on one of my boxes to create a virtual dual display for remote projection mapping. i honestly think youd have better success dling it the other way. make the pi the primary control device. maybe. rokus and bright signs player OSs (same company makes both) are both based on linux i beleive

    • @bendingh20
      Thanks for your input!
      I wouldn’t mind if it was done the other way, as long as the pi was inside the roku…and the Pi boots into a screen where Roku takes over…It might be even easier this way as you said as no channel/app would have to be created on Roku to control and see the pi……I still prefer the other way….nevertheless, I hope someone out there whi like Roku and Kodi and wants Kodi on Roku takes in this task and shares it with us. ?

  4. Ok first this this guy is an idiot. How do you make a video about something you don’t know how to do? If he clears his throat just a bit more he might get the left overs from last night out of his throat. Then to make this worse he doesn’t even know how it works!!! ” well some how i guess the signal just comes out” What a moron this video should be delete and unfortunately people who watch it hope to learn something from it only are left with more questions than answers.

  5. @ Edward Mc ……I didn’t know it was wrong to say: Someone should make a KODI channel for Roku to control Kodi on a Pi? …..I am sure at one or more points in your life you have said or wanted someone to make a certain Game for your Game console or PC that was nly on a competing console…..Yet you do not know yourself how to create a Game……don’t be a hypocrite… I am putting my idea out there for free for someone skilled who themselves would have never got the idea…..

  6. @ Edward Mc ….. Apple would never be where it is if it was not for Steve Jobs…. He has the ideas……programmers and designers do the job….if I put together a group of coders…we would get this done…..but it starts with the idea and the passion of the idea…that is exactly what this video is…….and since I DO NOT have a personal group of coders or a team…I would still be content for any random coder out there to take this on.


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