Really excited to bring this latest video showing the setup of Genesis movie streaming service on Kodi, sitting on a PI 2!!
Similar to Netflix!!


  1. Rickard this is great! Thanks for sharing 🙂 As I am not native English speaker I am wonder how can we add subtitles for the movies. I saw an option to enable them. But when I got into a movie I see “No subtitle service installed”. Have you ever test this?

    • Thanks for your comments. No I havnt tested that but I will have a look. I suspect with online services it would depend if they transmitting the subtitle file with the stream.

    • +Emil Genov You can easily add subtitles to Kodi. If you still doesn’t know how, let me know and I’ll walk ya through.

  2. Would you say that running the Pi2 (for Kodi purposes only) is just as good as running an actual desktop pc? I just discovered Kodi so I installed it on my windows 7 computer and it’s not exactly lightning fast. However, if you run Kodi on a USB stick on a linux based OS, I imagine it’s probably much faster than a hard drive with windows, even though my CPU in the desktop machine is much faster than the Pi2’s?

    • I used xbmc on desktop pc and dedicated openelec linux boot. Linux boot is much faster due to no overhead. But the pi 2 works perfectly fine too. I’ve bought another pi to do some videos on pi networking but when I’m done I’ll use it in bedrooms. I use plex as my main media centre.

  3. cheers for the tip and i have learnt from this video.  can you show us your NAS were your movies stored and how you set out your catalog of movies. I am looking to buy the Synology DiskStation DS214play and ideas on set out catalog and ideas etc cheers again.

    • I personally use a pc as a nas running storage spaces but I have also setup a raspberry pi …see my play list. …to work as a nas. Synology are good.
      I use my nas for other things hence I needed a pc but down to your own circumstances and physical room.
      I use media centre master to organise my files quickly into proper folders with artwork and meta data.

  4. if you use a PC whats the use of a Pi then???? us can stream or direct conect to your TV from it.  Or if you have a smart TV you can just connect a external HDD to it and watch your movies trough it,

    • Because I can take the pi to kids nannies house and they have access to all there movies there. It’s a great portable media centre. Nanny don’t have a smart TV. Just about got a hdmi port.

      Also I’m a technology geek so I love to play with new things and explore all the things they can do.


    • +Richard Smith It is really really a great review of add-on features for personal and convenient life! Thanks.

  5. Does the pi just need an sd card to download this kodi? I recently had my apple tv2 kodi cut off 🙁 I’m lost without it.

    • Yes it will work but your better off with a USB pen to store a large library or a pc or nas to stream from. The micro USB card is good enough to get you going. Check out my latest video ….I show the pi 2 handling online streaming through kodi

  6. Hi,  Thanks for the helpful video!  Does the pi’s HDMI have to be connected directly to the TV or to the amplifier in order to get 5.1 surround?  or does it not make a difference?  I’ve tried streaming a few movies using your settings and never been able to get 5.1.  Thanks in advance.

    • I plugged directly into my amp and that goes to TV. My tv is muted. Your amp will decode the audio. On the audio settings make sure pass through is enabled and use wasapi I think as a device. What amp do you have. Mine is onkyo.

  7. I almost want to scream.  That Fusion repository installs Genesis and 100 other pieces of junk.  It changes the Confluence skin and is just obscene.  I found a “reset” program in the vast wasteland of mush that was installed and had to reset and now I am back at square one. I have to rescan all of my movies again.  I am really mad.  I just wanted to install Genesis and instead you lead your readers into installing Genesis and 100+ other pieces of junk.   I have to start all over.  Put a huge warning on your clip please.  All that this crap is is Genesis and a giant ego-bloated virus by some crazy programmer that wants to “take over the world.”  I am so upset.

    • +User2718218 Richard, I have calmed down now. I apologize for the hotheadedness and I really appreciate your clips on the Raspberry Pi 2. I am sure you have been playing with PCs for years and you must have had the experience of putting on junk software and seeing it change your whole Windows setup. A few years back I caught a virus or malware that even had the audacity to change the wallpaper and then prevent you from changing it back. Also, you have probably seen code that destroys your ability to call up an older system restore point. Truly, the Fusion package with Genesis and 100+ other junk gizmos is horrible. I am going to try to find a “clean” Genesis addon somewhere else. Thanks for you great work.

    • +User2718218 Im abit lost, Genesis back then only installed Genesis.  As the video clearly shows.  I wonder what they have done to it.
      I would not guide people to install malware, saying such things is very slanderous and damaging to my reputation.  If I was trying to mislead people I would not have an audience.  I require an audience.Next time I boot up Kodi, I will check it over.
      I cannot and will not be held responsible for repository changes for a 3rd party tool that almost changes daily.
      I am not associated in anyway with any videos I do, I simple do them to help people through troublesome installs or complex subjects.
      I appreciate your comments.

    • +Richard Smith Richard, I completely forgot about the fact that what’s in a repository can change by month or even by day. I am aware of that fact but I was so unsettled that I forgot it in the heat of the moment. Notice at the end of your clip your Kodi wallpaper says “TVaddons Custom TVMC Edition.” The normal Cofluence after you install the package says that also, but the actual wallpaper image is different. When you go to look at your addons in the System area you see something like 50+ addons installed. Things like (as a hypothetical example) “This addon brings you the best of Icelandic TV programming.” It just goes on and on. There is so much stuff that you don’t want it’s scary, and it is not your fault in any way, shape, or form. I apologize for my anger again. You know the old terms “browser hijackers” and dreaded “toolbars” on a WIndows PC. This repository install feels like a super hijacking.

      Somewhere before, possibly even on this very clip, there was a perfectly clean install of Genesis, and gave you the option to install one other addon by the same author (I think he is Greek) that is very similar called “Ororo TV.” That’s it, it’s a clean benign install. That’s what I have on my PC. I even had the same setup on my Raspberry Pi 2 but I changed my SD card hence I was starting from scratch.

  8. Richard, I am going to compensate for my rude behaviour because I made a pretty good ‘discovery’ tonight that I want to share with you and you might want to share it with your subscribers on your next clip.

    I have three 4TB USB 3.0 drives that were connected to a USB 2.0 hub so that I only took up one USB port on the Pi 2.  It works wonderfully and OpenElec automatically mounts and dismounts the drives which was a nightmare that I was worried about.  It takes about 10 seconds to mount/unmount and I learned the hard way that you should never power off the Pi 2 during the mounting/dismounting process because you clobber your SD card and I am a Windows guy and I hate or can just tolerate Linux and the ‘dirty bit’ on the SD card stopped me cold in my tracks.

    My real problem was intermittent freezing video on movie files larger than say 4 gig.  There is tons of stuff about that online and looks like a huge challenge.  I did a basic overclock to no avail.  Finally, I connected a USB 3.0 flash drive directly to a Pi 2 USB post and the problem went away.

    So my next step was to change the USB hub from a 2.0 hub to a 3.0 hub and that fixed all the problems.  The Pi 2 cuts through a 7 gig movie like a hot knife through butter.

    To make it even worse with the old hub, a 4 gig black and white movie not only was freezing, but the playback was going crazy and becoming a scrambled colour image.  I was convinced that the Pi 2/Kodi did not have a proper CODEC to play this particular file.  With the upgraded hub the problem went away.  That means the bloody (brand new) USB 2.0 hub was not only acting as a bottleneck and causing the Pi 2 playback to freeze (up to 30 seconds sometimes) but the bloody USB 2.0 hub was corrupting bits and/or dropping chunks of data from the bit stream.

    Before I started this project, in my mind I said to myself, “you only need a cheaper USB 2.0 hub, because even for very large movie files it will be well under the bandwidth of the USB 2.0 guts inside the hub.”  Well, that was an incorrect assumption and it’s worth it to spend the extra five pounds for a USB 3.0 hub.

  9. Thank you, you’ve made my RPi2 purchase completely worth it. Up until now I haven’t had a clue about what to do with it.

  10. Your videos are awesome. My girlfriend records hundreds of hours of holiday video in 4k, the little pi’s make storage and streaming so much fun, and they use so little power.

  11. Hi… thanks for video.. need help, want to stream canned video content via raspberry pi 3 to connected devices over mobile application. Will use offline WiFi router to connect devices to pi and then let devices to access content on pi without use of internet. can you help me in this.

  12. iev got a 8tb on my raspberry pi but how do i get artwork for my tv stuff as nothings working ,im hardwired to internet


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