Shahid MBC Addon how to install guide KODI – XBMC (Arabic IPTV) – Good for Ramadan Time

This is a guide how to get to install Arabic IPTV using SHahid.

I had already made a guide in the past but allot did ask for updated guide for this addon. Possibly one of Shani best work. Shani and the rest of his team has worked really hard in to updating this addon allot.

Shani main forum page about this addon

To get this addon you will need the fusion repo

If you are geolocked for VOD You will need to make a proxy url by following the guide

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Enjoy the Show .


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  1. Hey… Tell us what repo in the description. I say this because I’ve never use this add on but I find it interesting and since I am who I am and I’m only wearing a Google search things and find answers from one fellow producer to another specially since we’re cool like that was xbmc ha ha from experience I find that I produce the most useful and popular ( I don’t care about popular I’m here to help and I care about reaching the most people so that’s what I mean by popular) information on videos like this when I provide all of the information in detail in

  2. I’m kind of anal when it comes to sharing other videos because I tend to remake that video if I don’t already have the topic covered but I will happily share your video if you can communicate we could work together reach more people and I imagine your demographic watches TV is much as any other demographic and I’m realizing international XBMC Is truly where it’s at because there’s way more people and obviously I’m an American I’ll be the first one who met were ignorant when it comes to any of the culture and what they like I am trying to change that attitude first in me and then hopefully the rest of the route because were all the same and I like money to make a little profit off of helping more more people accomplish what they enjoy streaming TV and movies

  3. I tried the proxy setup for VOD channels/series and it doesn’t seem to play this stopped a couple of weeks ago – using Kodi 14.1 and Shani 3.6.2. When a series VOD is clicked all it does is says “Playing Video Link” but nothing loads – any ideas why?

    • +Nas Man try clear the cache . and its probably the bandwidth.. I told shani this is not a good plan but he seems to think this is the best way round it

    • Thanks, when you say it’s probably the bandwidth can you explain this a little more please, are you referring to the host band with or mine?

    • Well yah the channel is streaming on YouTube but in kodi shahid when I click it it says choose your stream official YouTube proxy then when you click it you get an error can you link it to the channel in kodi I have the link yah

    • +Ibrahim Abdulrahman it has been slow lately but it is working
      Try to clear cache
      and then restart kodi
      and then try again

  4. Mr husham! For some reason shahid live is the only thing that has content in it, I am trying to access shahid series but it is empty and the same thing is happening when I try to access shahid shows and shahid vod. Can you please help me to get them work and show contents in them! Thanks for all you do

  5. Hello.
    I’ve installed Shahid long time ago, and it was working fine.
    2 months ago, all the channels working with GLArab HD stopped working.
    Today, all the channels working with IPTV Planet stopped working!

    Is there a way to fix this issue???

    Thank you


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