Hey guys, what’s up everybody? It’s! Uh jackie felix here and today i’m, going to be bringing you a updated add-ons guide for succession wizard uh. This will cover all aspects of pvp, so large-scale node wars and 1v1s, as well as my pve as well.

Now you got to take into account. I’m just taking the perspective that in this video is still very early, so there can be changes and also the play style or the add-ons is kind of reflective of my personal play style.

So it might not 100 fit your play cell. So you might look at want to look at changing sony skill add-ons to fit your play style a little bit more um. So, first of all, i’m just going to go through the pvp skill ions for large scale and node war, and i’ll just go through each skill individually and the add-ons i’ll just go through my thought Process um, so the first one i have for fireball explosion is all defense plus 15 and down attack damage plus three percent.

Now, usually, i use my fireball explosion pretty aggressively, so sometimes i might tp into rebam and fireball to try to get an early kd, or apart from that, i’m trying to range people on top of like a on elevation, so either on a Hill or a rock or a fence shooting down – and i think the 15 defense and three percent down tack modifies pretty useful window scenarios uh the next one i have is blizzard, which is -15 dp and a minus seven percent at seven percent attack, speed and car Speed so i think um what i use blizzard for is mainly to debuff people right so and blizzard has has a really large aoe and if you’re able to get up the only thing i’m.

Not sure about is if the slow kind of stacks with the existing slow and the skill stacks with the add-on slow, i’m, pretty sure they do, but you probably need to test this out to make sure that this works since some of the Add-Ons don’t really work properly from what i heard, such as the hp add-on per tick uh, so now um yeah.

So next skill i have is media shower now. This is like one of your. I think this is one of which is only tier three skills or succession wizards um. The other thing i got ta remind is, i used to have fireball add-on, but they changed that to tier one skill, so it’s, not really that useful to have add-ons of fireballs right now.

Unfortunately, i wish they kind of made five or tier two skill at least uh, so media shall i have 30 crate and odp minus 20 percent uh, sorry all dp minus 20 for 10 seconds and crew rate plus 30. So this is pretty huge um.

This is a very large um jump in your dps before you engage, so you probably want to always be using media of cooldown, especially for the pre-engage. Now what i usually like to do is i i might do like a rebound fireball into um, viable explosion and then go immediately into the media shower and then i’ll double tpn for the voltaic, friction, fog and yep.

So next one i have is we’ll, take pulse now this one, you can either take all defense plus 15 and all evasion, plus four percent, or you can take um all evasion – minus four percent here. So personally, it kind of depends on what you want to do, but for myself personally, because i have such high dp and such high evasion, i will personally probably take the evasion plus four percent instead of the old evasion minus four percent um.

But, for example, if instead of running earth’s, response, which i have the all accuracy, plus four percent – and i’ll – tackle class b plus seven percent, because i do use this skill quite a lot. Instead, if you switch that out for frigid fog um and you run the instead, you run the uh evasion buff on future fog and then maybe one knock one other add-on.

I’m, not sure which one um, but if you’re on fridge fog, instead, you can kind of opt out of going for the plus evasion on your voltaic. But for me personally, i know that i need at least one evasion.

Buff for myself to make me noticeably tankier right, um and the last skill i have here is earthquake. So most of time you see my pvp videos. I use vader earthquake at the start, so i mouse move it as like a movement skill forward into the ball and i have plus 20 crate and minus 15 dp for 10 seconds now.

I think i can use this in combination, so i have the same add-ons. Pretty much as media, but i think this is fine, because i use media and evader for kind of a very different time. So i i’ll. Either try to get the initial ccf media or i’ll.

Try to get the initial cc first, quick, uh, very rarely you’ll, probably see me media and then try to evade earthquake into the ball, but you know sometimes i might that do that, but i think these seven 10 second cooldowns are gonna.

Be pretty separate, okay, um! So now let’s just go into what i might take for 1v1s. Instead, um just take a look at that. So for 1v1s. The first thing i’ll, probably change out, is blizzard and replacing blizzard.

I’ll, put probably put in freeze and for freeze. I’ll, like likely put in the attack, speed and also um accuracy for this one. So i think this is i like this setup, so this will probably replace my fireball add-on.

So and so freezes uh pretty decent skill, has a very fast travel time, pretty low cooldown um. It has a free cc, of course, so i use these add-ons to kind of pre-buff. My range damage, almost or even.

If i try to get a cc on, i can use uh these seven seconds um to buff my combo uh rotation, right um, so for media shower depends how you use the skill. But if you’re using offensively, i wouldn’t. Really change the add-ons, but sometimes you might use media for 1v1, says more of like a defense skill when you’re trying to like use part of your front guard or try trying to disengage a little bit.

So in that scenario it might not be that bad to kind of get these add-ons, which is pvp damage, plus 15 and all defense plus 20. or for 1v1s of course um, because one of you wants very much about both offense and defense too uh for voltaic Pulse i wouldn’t, really change anything about this um for earth’s response this one.

Actually i go back real quick. I’ll, probably take out the defense on media um and change it to oil evasion, plus five percent, actually, no, not all invasion, my bad, so i’ll, probably, and to be honest, i’ll, probably keep media as Like the same similar like offensive add-ons for now, so the critical critical hit rate and all dp plus -20, and instead i have my earth’s response as my defensive add-on, so adverse response, all defense, plus 15 and all evasion plus 4, because i Usually use earth response a lot in 1v1s right and then for earthquake um so earthquake.

I’ll, probably change the skill, because i use earthquake less as the engaged skill in 1v1s so for earthquake. I’ll, probably set it to something like uh. Let me just check what else i have so i don’t overlap, anything okay, so earthquake, i ‘

Ll probably have something like pvp attack, damage plus 10 and then like something like old defense plus 15, but so um. Of course, you can kind of go around and change these skill add-ons. So if you want to instead of all defense plus 15, you could also have something like um odp minus 15 for target, and this as well so 1v1s is uh.

You can change it. You can have a lot of options right in terms of what you run. Um, but this might be one of the setups you might think about running for 1v1. You might also run a more um special attack percentage, build, which is you know these ones is down here.

Back attack down, attack air attack, critical hit damage percentage increases. These can be pretty huge, but you got ta realize that only lasts for five seconds. Each and um i the recover hp per here is pretty good in one view ones as well.

I just heard from people that the recovery per here is kind of bugged. Right now, so i’m, not too sure about how good they really are, but you know later on, you might want to add these in if they maybe fix it, um.

Okay! So now i’m, pretty much done with pvp. I want to go into pve real, quick, so just switch to my pve skill preset here, and you can also do this at the skill instruction instructor too, and you also realize that instead of having two skill presets for now five – and if you want more skill, Presets you’ll need to spend some pills to buy a skill reset coupon to do that: [, Music ].

So for pve um, let’s. Give me a sec, not sure why my add-ons didn’t change over it’s kind of weird okay, oh, i think they did actually yep so for pve um. What i do is, i usually use a um earthquake to get behind the mobs, so i have minus 15 dp and back deck damage, plus three percent for evade earthquake and then media shell.

You should you should have this. I usually use the front guard media, so it’s, pretty fast skill, and this gives you 30 months damage and 30 synchro rate for 7 seconds, so that’s, pretty big and then freeze.

I just use um to pre-buff my skills. Instead of fireball, so this one’s, um plus 20 monster damage and attacks be caspi for seven percent um earth response. I use the skill if my earthquake is on cooldown to get behind the mobs, so this one have back attack and critical hit damage, plus three percent for five seconds and then equilibrium break.

I have minus 15 dp and minus four percent invasion, so this would be good for grants and game ground spot like turos or sikkoria or like sarzen, for example. I’m, not sure how much the -4 invasion matters in pve, but you can probably also switch the skill out, for you know old dp, minus 15.

um. Oh dp actually already have that so all dp minus 15 for 10 seconds so have that instead of having the minus four percent invasion, maybe instead of having that you could maybe have something like other crit damage or maybe like critical hit rate.

Let’s, see um yeah, so you could also have critical hit rate on your equilibrium break. I’ll. Probably take this one over the minus evasion. To be honest, just because um like for a lot of grind spots, you know the evasion.

Doesn’t matter that much it only probably only matters at extremely end game growing spots, and you kind of i don’t know. I’ll, probably take the two 20 crew rate because i usually use equilibrium brake at the start to like from guys some damage anyways.

So i think i ‘ Ll, probably take the critical hit right there and then for voltaic pulse. Take the back attack and down tack damage modifiers um. If you had a grind spot which, where you can’t kd, the mobs, you probably want to switch out the down tank for something else.

You might switch this out for maybe critical hit damage. Instead, if you’re in the ground spot, where you can’t down tag, the mobs so yeah, i think that’s, uh pretty much it for this skill, add-on, um guide for succession wizard.

Now, please take note things. Might change in the future – and this is my kind of setup right now and i’ve – only been playing around with it for around about an hour, so i might change these in the future as well, but yeah.

I hope you guys found this video useful and if you guys have any questions, feel free to um. Let me know either in discord or when i’m streaming live on twitch um. Apart from that, we should hope you guys have a lovely day and i’ll, see you guys next time, peace,

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  1. Hi Jackie question here. Is all "evasion" + – % the same as all "evasion rate" + – %. I heard some people say the eva add on are not good because they are not eva rate. For example voltaic is -15% evasion rate in skill description but for add on it only says -% evasion.


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