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I’m, always here to help now let’s, get into the video hi peeps streaming updates and help. Here today, video, i’m, going to be showing you a super fast killer build. It is basically called killer build, and this is a new um build that is out for cody and it is very fast and we’ll, see what this is like.

So it’s using the bellow skin, so it’s different to the ones i have previously showed you and obviously, first loading up a build. You see that you have to give it time to get all the updates of all the beer of all the add-ons, sorry and all the other bits and bobs.

That is part of the part of the build. So, as you see it’s just going through some updates now give it at least a couple of minutes. So to do that and then it’s. Gon na build the shortcuts once the build.

You know the shortcuts are done. It will then pop out, go the screen, will go black and it will come back and you’ll at 100 percent, and while you can go to look through it, so you ‘ Ve got a nice bridge at the top through the crew, um trending movies.

So far, that’s out now it’s, a nice layout with some nice thumbnails there with the the um pictures in the background as well um some sub menus here as well. If you go down, you’ll, see some sub menus.

If you go across now, we’ll, see what shows on here. So if we go down to the sub menus, you ‘ Ll, see you ‘ Ve got some sub menus there as well. You can search and along the top again, just like the movies you ‘

Ve got trending tv shows with some nice thumbnails. With the background and the background as well. There’s, tons to choose from here with tv shows and movies, both coming through the crew. What’s to me is the best kodi add-on out at the minute it’s.

A live tv you’ve got some add-ons at the bottom there, the sub-menus sections here for networks, your abc ie, all on the top there, that you can just click and go through. So you got espn there food network, so that’s.

All us tv next section is sports. Here’s sports, you ‘ Ve got uh fox one two at the bottom espn it’s been two poker at the top. You’ve got nfl all the sports and sections there. Miscellaneous sports replays yeah, nascar, tennis, wwe boxing, some nice sections there next section is for the kids.

It’s called kiddos. You’ve got uh tv genres networks, two men, yeah animation, dreamworks and superheroes at the bottom. The nice sections there at the top you’ve, got family section. I’m guessing. This is from numbers add-on top ten thousand, so there’s a lot of twos from there.

Obviously we got ta do on. This is suppress select, it will take you through to the add-on. It will load the links and go through next section is: my link is my list. What i’m guessing will be all your lists to all your your tracked and your builder bridge accounts and obviously, if you’re, adding stuff to your favorites in their music section, you ‘

Ve got a playlist files and add-ons at the bottom. Top is just youtube music. So you ‘ Ve got sections for um stuff to go through there through the music section. Then we got the add-on section there.

So you yeah, you can see if you log in your truck login and all sorts and your friend trapped on there as well. You can see the add-ons at the top in the widget. Also and obviously you got you know the items at the top that you can go through and click certain add-ons and see other sections through the add-ons there you’ve got your weber section well, at the minute i haven’t set.

It to my my place, uh the location on that, but obviously you can do that through the for the yahoo account that’s on there settings. Obviously, you can go through the system settings here, profiles and all that and then you’re back to the movies.

So let’s. Just have a look. What add-ons is one here? So we’re, going to add on zero to my add-ons and we’ll see go into video add-ons. We ‘ Ll have a look the add-ons on here, so you got numbers tip tv, the crew.

Then i open my siren. It is not many add-ons here at all. As you see it’s very small amount of add-ons, so this is a very super fast build, obviously with it not being so many um add-ons on this build, but it’s got all the most reliable add-ons you know on here.

So i’m. Just gonna quickly show you what the links are like and how quick this does load. So i’m. Just gonna go into a movie, anyone will do just a random movie. Here i’ll. Just click on this 2020 one here so now it will say: please wait and then it comes up here, the crew and it will.

It will now fetch the links and they have a percentage there to say which is completed and there we go it’s completed there’s only six there. But if you i’m, sorry fire, but if you obviously um sign into your builder bridge, you’ll, get loads of really good um links there.

Another quick look at the tv shows as well. I’ll. Show you where that works, so we’ll. Go into this. What we’ve got one random tv show here it will then press select, it will take you into the crew adam and you can see you can choose by season.

So we’re going to season two here. What is the most recent once it loads up? Here comes the episode and obviously you see in bed. There are the episodes that have not been added yet once they have been there.

They’ll, go white, so i’ll. Just click on the first episode. Here again it will find the links then, once obviously it finds the links you got ta be sent at the bottom once it goes to a hundred percent.

Probably less, depending on you know here you see that he’s got 31 at 2720p link, so you could press cancel and it will still load, but he’s there. So then he’s just going to learn. Please wait and then you just click on a link.

You go, you know whichever link you and then it then will play straight and then look look. How quick that that was fantastic quickly straight into no loading screen just went straight into it and it started working.

So we’ll, see here, you ‘ Ve got the pause, menu button options. Here it’s, a nice layout interface. There you can see what the quality! The thing is, if it’s 720p or whatever. So there we go, that is the build it’s using, like i said, the bellow skin.

This is called power. Okay, sorry, not power killer b build. So i will now show you guys how you can get this on your device. So first thing you need to do: you need to go in your fire stick and go across all the way to the all the way to the right at the top menu just settings.

Once you’re in settings, you need go down and then go across to you see my fire tv. Then it select once you’ve modified tv. You need to go to developer options and turn on apps from unknown sources. This will now allow you to get third party add-ons onto your file.

Stick now go across and all the way to the left now to the magnifying glass and search for downloader. Once you set it download it, you need to press, select, choose the broad orange icon, select that and you need to download it, and once it’s downloaded you then will need to open this once you’ve opened this.

This is where you’re, going to be getting filing from. So you need to allow on this first pop-up message and then you need to just press ok on the second. Now you need to type in the following url, which is to get file linked onto your device, so this is get dot file, inked, dot com.

I will be putting the link in the description as well and, if you need to you, can pause the video and then once you’ve got this url in. We pause the video to carry on with the following steps. So once you’ve typed, it in you need to just press play on your amazon stick or go to go.

This is now going to be connect connecting this to your device and then it’s going to download the file. What is violin and then you need to press install when this pop-up comes up once it’s installed don’t open press done.

You need to delete the files that are on there to save space on your file, remote fire. Stick now we’re finished before uh download it, but now i need to find the filing so press back home once you’re back home.

If you go into your apps and channels, go all the way to the right, you’ll, see my uh filing press, your menu button, and you can move it to the front. Once you move to the front, we can then open violent once you open violin, you need to type in the following code.

Well, it’s; free eight, two, four, three, five, nine three, five, three, eight, two, four five, nine three five again pause. The video. If you need to, i will leave it in the description as well. Now, once you’re into my filing code, you need to dismiss this message.

This is telling you, unless you want you haven’t described subscribe to my channel. Please do everything that’s going to be in this video. Sorry in this store will be. I will do a tutorial on or already i’ve done a tutorial on that’s on my channel.

So once you’re in here, you’ll, see! If you scroll down to the bottom, you ‘ Ll, see kodi 18.9. You then need to press the download button. Wait for it to download. You see right at the bottom of the screen.

There is the lime, green icon, uh loading bar that goes all the way till the download button will turn into a play button. Once it turns i’ll play a bunny. You press the play button. This pop-up will come up and then you can install kodi now that cody’s um been installed.

You now need to find it like you did with the fire linked or you could just opened it after it was installed, but i’m going to show you how to move this to the front like you can with the filing. So again you just press your menu button or your hamburger button and it and go to move front and it ‘

Ll automatically go to the front. So once you’re in the front, you need to open it. You need to allow on the following message: once kodi opens like it’s, going to be a fresh, install there’s. No, it’s going to be completely blank here.

So once you open kodi, you need to go to the settings button. Once you go to the gear icon and go down to the bottom, where it says system in system, you need to go down to add-ons, then go across to where it says unknown sources and activate unknown sources and press yes, once tonight you can back to the Then back out go over to fire manager at the top left-hand corner and then go down to add source.

Once you press add source, you need to type in the following source that is on the screen now and if you need to take time, pause the video and we can always come back once you’ve typed in the following source.

So this is http tx repo dot ddns.net. Once you have typed it, you need to go to across where it says. Okay, make sure you are definitely correct. What is on on the screen again take your time pause it once you’ve done that you need to press okay and go down to name source media.

This you can call it whatever you would like, whatever you feel, you want to call it. I’m just going to call it diggs me, but the exam okay is the diggs repo. Then once you’ve done that you need to make sure again everything’s, correct press! Okay, if it doesn’t come to this screen.

It comes up with a message. You obviously have typed it an arrow there, so you can come back. I am going to leave a description below of the repo, so you can come back so again. Once you’ve done that you can back out, you go across to add-ons it once you add, you can go down to install from zip file, then over to digs or whatever you record it press it press install replay, then press depository, diggs 4.

0. Now leave it top right hand corner it will pop up that was pretty quick, so there’s, things well repository across to install from repository down to diggs repository. Now we need to go into program add-ons once you’re in pokemons.

We want the top one there. What is the chef wizard? We need to install this, so you press, select on it, go to install press, ok and allow this to install. This will install all the other parts to the add-on.

So it will take some time, but once it is installed, it will automatically open this part of the screen here. What says build menu? You want to be selecting the build menu. This will then load up the build menu to this wizard again.

This is just a message from the you know: just dismissed that and now here we are into the builds, and we want to be looking for the killer, build, tell your ass killer virgin one. So once you want it, you want to be pressing select once you press select, it will load up this screen.

You don’t need to go down to where it says, install chef, buddha, install press select on there and then this message will pop up. Would you like to download you press yes now? This will now download the content.

Obviously, this all depends on your upload speed on your internet provider. Um it’s. Obviously, a half decent size build, and this works quite well on fire sticks like this. You know we should. I showed you a minute ago.

This obviously is through a fire stick. This will be the build, a build that i will be keeping on my first again. It’s super fast. It’s very quick at loading as well, and it’s so smooth to go through the the sections as well.

I just like the colors. So once this is installed, we’re downloading the content. It will then install the other parts of it, and then you then need to force close the kodi reopen it, and then the build is ready to go and, like i said in the first part, give it time to update the build and there we go.

So i hope you enjoy this. This is the build that you enjoy using. So please hit the like button. If you’re new, please subscribe and i will see you guys: [ Music, ], [, Music, ],

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