SuperRepo – Largest Repository For Kodi Krypton, Jarvis, Isengard with 2000+ addons

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SuperRepo is the largest repository for Kodi! It offers you free access to over 2,000 video and program add-ons right at your fingertip. You have the ability to browse and install certain add-ons or install the biggest list onto Kodi quick and easy

You can think of this as the biggest consolidated download list for nearly all add-ons currently available for Kodi, which is better than searching through scattered repositories on the web.

However, since this is the biggest repository, you have to understand that sometimes some of their sources may become outdated because it so massive, it’ll be hard to keep every add-on up to date if add-on developers decide to change its download locations.

Tutorials installing Android Applications with ES explorer
1. Kodi 17

2. Mobdro

3.Showbox including mousetoggle


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Jailbroken Amazon Fire stick Guide

**** Recommended KODI Hardware!! *************
1. AMAZON FIRE TV STICK!! (Dual Core CPU, 1GB Memory, 8GB Storage, 1080-60fps)

2. Amazon Fire TV (Quad Core CPU, 2GB Memory, 8GB Storage, USB 2, MicroSD, 4K-30fps)

****My favorite android box!!!******
3. Nvidia Shield (Quad Core CPU, 3GB Memory, 16GB Storage, USB 3, MicroSD, 4K-60fps)

********* Kodi Jarvis 16.1 Video Tutorials*************
Ares Wizard – The Best All in One Wizard. Programs/Builds/Maintenance

Echo Wizard – All in One Wizard. Programs/Builds/Maintenance

Install Kodi Jarvis 16.1 – Amazon Fire Stick

Pulse-CCM – Build

The Beast – Build

Titanium – Build

Spinz TV – Build

Tron – Build

Hyper TT – BUILD

Fresh Start Addon – Wipe Kodi Clean

SuperRepo – Install the Ultimate Largest Addon Source list

Adult Addons
Adult Pack –
WhiteCream –


  1. Droid Life do you mind doing a video showing how to make a smart list on smart playlist so I can have like all the Marvel movies in one place love your videos thanks a lot

  2. I cant install any addons anymore from Android, raspberry pi kodi 17 Krypton. I click on install and nothing happens. I’m trying to figure it out since like 5 hours but nothing helps.. Do you have similar problems at the moment maybe?

  3. The installation for the SuperRepo failed for me due to a Metahandler malfunction, can you tell me how to get around this or to fix it??? Although I thought this was the ‘fix’, so, where do I go from here???

  4. Thank you so much! This was so much easier than when I tried to install just reading instruction. Installed perfectly.


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