The Best Build For Kodi 17.3 Krypton and 16.1 Jarvis on All Devices Including Fire TV and Fire Stick in July 2017. This one is awesome guys. Check it out and see for yourself…this one has it all.

In this video tutorial I walk you through all the steps necessary to install this build on your device in a very easy DIY way. I love the way that it utilizes elements of the old Kodi 16 Jarvis skin with updated graphics and is very pleasing esthetically. You can install this build on either your fire stick, fire tv, android box, linux device or Mac or Windows. It is also a fairly light build so it won't bog down your device. It also comes with a lot of great addons that are hard to find these days including Exodus, cCloud, UK Turks and Ultimate IPTV just to name a few.

If you are looking for a great build and a step by step tutorial to show you how to install it, look no further. This is the tutorial for you. And it is up to date and current to July 2017 for all the current addons that are still working in Kodi 16 and Kodi 17.

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**The information contained in this video is for informational purposes only**

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    • Richman Knows Tech please help me, I had the main screen just like yours and went right into movies and it worked turned it off, went back on 2hrs later and it has the old screen so now I don’t know how to go right into movies, can u tell me y it is back to the old screen, this is so annoying, I support ur channel and always like videos plz help me, or if u are confused about what I’m saying. Can u tell me what is the app that plays the movies because then I might be able to scroll to it.

    • I have all the apps on here when I followed your video , now it’s just different screen , I’m so confused. Been messing with it for a hour now. Plz help , sorry for messaging 2times. Just mad

  1. Thanks Richman as always. ….Hey, I’ll bite! 🙂 Some early ver of 17.0 were a little sketchy on W7 -64bit Also doing this on a tiny single board computer called an Orange Pi as an experiment in miniaturization. Lets see how that goes. Watching great old cartoons for $30 including the MicroSD card “drive”

    • Hi Pamelai43! Glad you like it. I like it very much although I am continuing to look for other great builds to bring to everyone.

    • Hi Billy Edmondson! Are you using Kodi 17.3? That will give you the home screen that I show. To get this build to work I would completely uninstall your current setup and then you can just do the standard install.

  2. I keep getting a file error. I followed all of the directions And input the correct things but the error message keeps coming up. Please help

  3. This build was working flawlessly until I did the update two days ago. Tried again with freshstart and it still will run but fails to load at play. Too bad there isn’t a way to load the pre/update version again that I know of.

  4. I’m usually a nolimits person but found your page on looking for a Jarvis build and I like what I see has everything !!! Especially like the built in cleaner looks fantastic will try it out after updates are done and the time is in standard time wow nice !!

  5. Thank you. I love this build.
    I would like to ask if there is any addons the remove or reduce the buffering for this build?

  6. You know… You are saying is loding up but how bout in the middle of the movie or program or 10mins before is Finish kick you out and then you have to start from the beginning????


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