How To Install Xenon Build Kodi Build 2017 for Kodi 17 Krypton

This Video will show you a quick way to add this build onto your amazon fire stick!
May roughly take about 6 minutes, this build is very easy to use!
Very organized.
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    • The main screen is fine but when I launch the build that’s when the screen is cut off. I removed the build and started over thinking if I got it adusted in kodi I would be fine but for some reason the build is cutoff and I just can’t figure out how to get out of the build and into kodi.

    • Don Mckinney nah it’s nothing to do with Kodi go to settings. Then display and sounds. Then. Click display. Then calibrate display. You can adjust there

    • No that’s not it. In Jarvis you can go in and adjust the zoom. We’ll Xenon doesn’t seem to have that option. If I’m outside of the build everything is on screen but as soon as Iauch the build it’s cut off at the top. No biggie but it would have been nice to have that option.

  1. Franklin during this install when I try to get the passcode, I had follow the exact steps because the link didn’t pop up for me as well to get the passcode; is that okay? Still awaiting for the Ares Wizard to complete build

  2. I added the build and installed just doesn’t load at first like you said. How do I get to manually load it?

  3. help! I have installed it fine but once I get to Jeds fire builds I get an error message saying ” page not found sorry looks like it isn’t available right now.” I think I will uninstall and reinstall. Can I have this when I have already put in indigo? please help me. I have only followed you since day 1 with no problems at all. Help

  4. forgot to say….on repo.diggz, when I go to install zip and then it doesn’t show anything other than “……” when I am to install from repository


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