okay, guys uh this video, probably one of the coolest videos. I’Ve done by the way subscribe like comment. After this you’re gonna love, my channel and you’re gonna want to subscribe um. I found a way to get you guys.

Tons of live TV pretty much any channel, you want any language, you want any genre sports comedy cartoons, family, kids, adults, you name it – you can have it just kinda. Give you an idea of this list here.

Just on this list and see it’s got. There’S a sports section, WWE the sports net: it’s got the parks, as you can see, it has everything – and this is just one list you can get I’ll show you guys a way to get any list any language, any genre that you want.

Okay, so to get going first thing you want to do is I’ll put a link on this website underneath in the About section in the video, the one tech genius comm and you come here and, as you can see, these are all different lists that you download The one that I like to download is this working list, because somebody on the other end updates it every day and make sure all those lists are good and working.

But there is uh, as you can see here, an everything my friend IPTV as phd you name. It you got it so once you come to this, you come to this website and you download the list that most interests you. If I can find my list where’s my list.

What did I want it? There are you open? Are you you guys are gonna love this? This is better than any trying to hack into any stalker or anything like that or there’s no looking for different links here once it’s there, it’s working it’s in high definition, so you click here and then, as you can see right here, it downloads once it’s downloading Or done downloading you go back into your Kodi.

You guys show you from the beginning. So what you want to do after you have that list downloaded and remember what you’ve downloaded it. You go into systems. Click on systems, click on TV! You see this right here when you first click on TV.

This this is gonna be grayed out. So what you want to do is you want to click on that? I’M using an IPTV, simple client, then it’s got. A message is gonna come up, saying that you’ve enabled the TV, but you don’t have a source for it, and then you click, OK and it’s gonna take you it’s gonna, take you and they here automatically and it’s gonna it’s gonna bring You into the PVR section and the one that you want to enable is as simple Club, PVR, IPTV, simple client, so you’re gonna have to it’s gonna say enable right here so you’re, gonna click on that and then you’re gonna go into configure.

So once you click on configure, you’re gonna get this message to pop up, and you want to change this one. This is what this one looks like. You want to change it to include local networks, and then this is where that list goes, that you’ve downloaded right.

So you click on that and now you have to find it. So it’s right there, but depending on where you downloaded it, that’s where you have to find it. Let me let me show ya so because I’m using a PC, I have to click on that, go down to users, but if you’re using an Android box, it would just be external storage and it would be sitting right there.

So what do I go downloads and that’s my list right there, so I click on that and then once you’ve done, that you hit OK needs to restart. You click! Ok! So you back out of here. You click on the power bar if you’re using a PC or Mac you hit exit and if you’re, using like an Android box, you have to reboot where a fire stick.

You have to unplug it from the TV and plug it back in if you’re using the phone you have to restart ok, so let’s go back and open Kodi up. So once you do that you’re gonna have this pop-up right here.

The PVR, simple client and you’re gonna have this TV section in your categories now, so you just click on that and it brings your list up just like so you can see all the channels are good. This list is updated all the time and you can add different lists as you go.

You go down to that website. I’M gonna have a link in the About section and you can add as many lists as you want. Oh, that was T’s titties on the TV all right guys. Please please subscribe cuz, I’m gonna bring you stuff like this all the time new add-ons new updates builds any news, anything that you need to know beau Cody, to stay on top of it and get your free TV and free movies.

This is your channel that you need so please subscribe share, comment like, and I will see you on the next video go to my channel check out. My videos follow me on Twitter, okay, bye, bye, bye, bye,

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