The Best Kodi Addon *Live TV – HBO, BET, OWN, VH1, NBA-TV, working 2017


    • oddly enough, i know a 4yr old who does install these things and gets them working

      what that say about u …
      thanx 4 watching & continued success in ur endeavors

  1. My husband loves New Orleans Saints and were we live can never get live games, which would be the best add on for live NFL, Please and thank you.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing, How can I add this addon without deleting my custom build. I noticed you started in Kodi default. Do I need to start there too? Thank you.

  3. Mine works. I have a different look to my Kodi, but it works. Live TV. A little drag sometimes but I think that occurs due to the Internet speed. Thanks I finally have some music videos. I hope it lasts.

  4. How do i get from my home screem to this Kodi blue screen to do what video says to do? Everytime i click on my Kodi app it takes me into my movies!!!


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