Here is my latest version of ULTRA TT V3.5 some addon changes and performance fixes. tv guide now working again and all sections have been updated with the latest addons!


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    • Top Tutorials, how do I send you my log? NFL Network isn’t working for me. The Zem 365live stream is a good stream but it continues to kick me out of the stream every couple minutes. Is there a fix for the NFL network and or the 365live stream.

    • Vicky L I had this same problem. Followed the instructions from Jesse Reed comments and it worked. Go to install from zip; click the top tutorial repo and select the BUILD folder and select the TopTutorial Wizard and it will say add on enabled. Then open the add on and select the version you want to upload

  1. Mine keeps telling me there’s an error when I try to click on Community Builds. I’ve reinstalled Kodi multiple times on my Tablet and it keeps doing it.

  2. hi TT your new build won’t seem to work for me it loads up the community builds but once it reaches 100% it says on the top of the screen echo wizard error can you help please

  3. Anyone that’s getting ERROR message DON’T INSTALL from repo. instead go to builds folder and install TO programs/ install the wizard. works on firestick. It force closed once not sure if it will keep doing that.Let me know if this helped

    • Hey, I was wondering if you can help me out since it is working for you. My guide shows all of the shows but when I click on a stream it says “working” and then nothing happens. Do you know how to fix this?

  4. TT, does this build or the HyperTT build actually log into the TT website to download data every time it load? My HyperTT does that every time.
    Does it upload data to your website as well?

  5. my kodi app updated to v17.0 – krypton. now it tells me that Top Tutorial cannot be ran. I tried to reinstall and it will not let me. Any ideas?

  6. If I install toptutorials on my H96 tv box. Could I connect it to a Spanish tv on holiday in the hotel, and view my content, as I install it here in UK. Thank you.


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