A quick look and install tutorial for the best music addon for kodi 16 jarvis!


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  1. Thanks for brilliant help. Even an oldie like me now has a super kodi experience. Stretching myself I thought I’ add this in the Music section as a sub menu item. Going through the process step by step I couldn’t find the Music menu group to add the add-on into? Fail on my part but help appreciated. Great voice by the way. Are you really Lawrence Fox?

  2. went through this tutorial a few times. . . failed every time.
    anyone else have issues here?
    Ares Project installs…but there is no the-music source add-on to be found.

  3. I am using an mx8 android box. I have no visulizations when playing music, the addon im using is jango. How do i get visualizations. when i go to the settings menu it says i have none and there is no get more button

  4. For those who all are having the issue “downloading failed” or the music source not installed do this : first install music addons Ares project after that install the video add ons the music source : it should happen …


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