“No KODI Video Addons but thousands of movies and TV Shows, here is how to do it.”


WOW These really are the TOP AMAZING KODI ADDONS JUNE 2016 KODI/XBMC Addons out their at the moment, I will add that the community allsorts add-on is one to keep an eye on with couple HD Content, don’t worry I do show you how to install every add-on in the video above. Remember that loads of information is posted on all for you. So please check it out if you are not on it already, I also have a shop of the very best devices at the best price out their right now, I will be adding LOTS more over the coming week so keep and eye on it.

I really appreciate all of my 7200 Subs as I only started thing in Jan 2016 🙂 SO a massive thank you from me!!!!!

As I said in the video here are the install URL’s

TombRaider Movies

Champion Sports

Alpha and TinklePad


Wait for Add-on enabled notification – Can take a while

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  1. “Couldn’t retrieve directory information……..” on Community Repo and TombRaider. Alpha works great though!

  2. +csscoDer
    from +Shannon Perrigo
    Tomraider & tinkle work awesome but champion & community load but are empty no files. As of July 15 – 16, 2016. Thanks for the vid’s your a life saver??????

    • +YouTubes
      Yeah, did all that. After the repo’s installed, and I see it in my repo list, I go in to ‘add from repo’ and it tells me ‘could not connect to repository’. Thanks anyway, CSS.

  3. When I downloaded a movie from exodus the movie stop playing after only a few minutes. Can you possibly give me a reason why?

  4. excuseme, do you have some manual about configurations make better?
    I bay to android tv box, but I feel slow.
    thanks for your helps

  5. This is a great piece of equipment to have. I have tons of Apps upon Apps and then more…is seem to never end. I Love this box, and I’m buying my 2nd as a gift so they can see how great this box is. Awesome Job Team!!!


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