★BEST KODI 16.1 TIPS & TRICKS★ Settings, Addons for Any Build
NEW for June 2017

– Useful and Practical advice on Kodi Advanced System Maintenance
– Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial
– Learn to Configure KODI 16.1 Jarvis properly
– Amazing Utility Program Addons
– Awesome No Limits Magic & No Limits FireStick Wizard Setup
– Optimize Builds using Confluence, Xonfluence, Aeon Nox 5: SiLVO, Hybrid Dev and other skins

-Auto Clean to clear cache and purge packages automatically
-Set Settings Level with ECHO Wizard / TDB Wizard
-Change Video Calibration
-Change Skin Appearance
-Change International Settings

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  1. nice vodies showin how to show us how to do things on kodi thanks again mate and keep the good work that u do for kodi and all the other lads on kodi how help us with kodi. what is the best build out today with live tv movies and a iptv stalker that works what bulid do u use look nice and do you keep it up to date thanks again hope to hear from you soon thanks tar

  2. Love the build, but can’t get search to work, it will search and then blink back to previous screen, thanks for the vid

  3. What addon is used when playing directly from the main screen movie or TV show thumbnails ? Can I chose the one I want to be the default?

  4. Hi

    I want to add my own menus and submenus which I can do fine but the widgets seems disabled. (kodi 17, Nolimit/s4.1) Any ideas how to enable the ability to add widgets or even remove existing ones

  5. I installed the No limits wizard on my Kodi device…… but it doesn’t have sound. I reinstalled again and I restarted also with no change. Please any advice would help. thanks

  6. In the 4,1 build there is no ‘more’ button at the ‘default TV show service’ and ‘default movie service’, only ‘cancel’ . Is there any other way to add a subtitle source?


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