Ah, hello and welcome back this is going to be a new channel, just gearing towards Cody anything cody and android boxes give any questions. You got a brick android box and you need to know how to fix it.

Just let us know and we’ll make a video teaching you how to do it. If you, if there’s any add-ons, you want or anything, you need to know about Cody or android. Just let us know and we’ll put videos up there and answer all the questions that you have, but today we’re doing a video about Cody add-ons, we’re gonna.

Do the most reliable best working, add ons right now, and the list we’ve come up with is Exodus. Go movies, HD movies, one channel and Phoenix. I mean there’s a lot more depending on your preference, but as of right now.

These five are here are really reliable and they got everything that you need. Well, if you need any any live TV or any live streaming sports wise, the Phoenix has it. I mean. There’S your Phoenix TV right there, Phoenix sports, phoenix new release, cartoons, you name it it’s in Phoenix, really reliable add-on, and now you got your one channel.

If you can’t find it anywhere else, you can always you know it’s in one channel, HD movies, also, a really good one go movies, a really good one exodus, which is the new genesis. It’S flawless right now, its top of its game.

I would say if you’ve ever used Genesis, it’s pretty much the exact same app. I mean you got your movies, your show and you go into it and it’s the exact same setup. So if you are familiar with Genesis whatsoever, then you can have no problem with Exodus.

I’D say: ninety percent of the links in Exodus are good and that’s why I’m liking that right now, but uh yeah. If you got any any questions, all right anything you want to answer to want to learn anything just leave a comment or let us know and we’ll be sure to make you a video that same day.

So you can get all your Cody and Android needs right here, thanks for watching and please subscribe,

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