What’s up? Everyone welcome back to techno flex. My name is Amir. Yesterday we did the top five shows on Netflix. Today we will check out Amazon. Prime also, today’s, my birthday, I’m having an exciting day.

If you should want to wish me a happy birthday, I would appreciate that anyway, Netflix does have better original programming, but Amazon Prime has their own in that area, and they continue to add more and more with time.

As far as licensed content goes, though, prime holds an advantage and that’s thanks to exclusive rights to HBO catalog, if you are trying to figure out what to watch next on prime or thinking about getting Prime, these shows are currently not on Netflix.

Here are the top five shows that you shouldn’t miss our number. One show that we recommend is Doctor Who it has ten seasons, eight hundred and forty episodes and it’s. Rated eight point: seven out of ten on the IMDB database Doctor, Who is a long-running British series that follows The Adventures of Time Lord and his companion, as they travel through space and time in the TARDIS Doctor.

Who can be a little cheesy though, but it is one of the shows that’s, difficult, not to become a completely invested in once. You begin even viewers who may not consider themselves as sci-fi fans should give it a shot, because this show may be the one show that will convert them.

This series is about love, heartbreak, loneliness and about coming of age, about humanity and about loss watching Doctor Who is not just a television experience, it’s, a cultural one, one of the rare shows capable of connecting people across the globe.

Our next show is called transparent, it has four seasons, 40 episodes and it ranks seven point eight out of ten on the IMDB database. Amazon may not beat Netflix in the original series department, but transparent is a good or better than most of Netflix original shows.

It follows jeffrey tambor, later in his life, to transition into a woman, and we see how that decision affects her family in the most hilarious imaginable ways. It’s, a light series with heavy themes and truly one of the best new currently running, shows on television.

It has received 28 Emmys so far. Our next show is house, it has eight seasons, 177 episodes and it ranks eight point eight out of ten on the IMDB database, binge Watchers love their medical dramas, and you will not be able to find a show about the Ale that is as fun as house.

Hugh Laurie plays the episodic antihero, an opioid, addicted DRI, humoured and caring genius and a doctor with a knack for solving unsolved cases. He’s joined by a rotating team of famous faces, like Olivia Wilde and Jesse Spencer, all starred on the show at some point, and they usually just end up getting in the way of his natural prowess with a mysterious illness.

The next show is called orphan black. It has five seasons, 50 episodes and it raised eight point three out of ten on the IMDB database. Tatiana maslany plays several clone variations of the same woman in the sweeping conspiracy thriller and she breathes so much life and so many distinct personalities into each clone.

That viewers often forget that one woman is playing all the characters. The supporting cast is mostly great and for a Canadian show, the production value is excellent. You shouldn’t miss this one and the last show we recommend is called Vikings.

It has five seasons, 59 episodes and it raids. Eight point six out of ten. This show is loosely based on the exploits of nice century Viking ruler and King Ragnar lothbrok Vikings, doesn’t match the level of complexity in Game of Thrones.

The universe is smaller, there are fewer characters and the plotting isn’t as there’s. Crunching violence, lots of explai and frequent battles as Redcar extends his rule over parts of Europe compared to Game of Thrones.

It’s. Less about mind, games and schemes and more about brute force. It’s entertaining to watch the unrelenting violence unfold and revel in the demise of Ragnar’s, rivals those were our top five shows on prime, that we highly recommend for you to watch thanks for watching.

Please don’t. Forget to leave a comment down below and let us know which show you’re watching currently on prime or looking forward to watch. And I will see you in the next video

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