Hey what’s going on youtube today? I’m gonna, be showing you an apk for free movies and tv shows that works amazingly well. This apk used to have some issues with the fire. Stick that’s all been fixed now, and this will be very very fast.

This is the fastest apk i’ve ever seen for free movies and tv shows, let’s, get into it so on your fire stick device. First, go to settings, and once you’re in settings, go to my fire tv once there go to developer options and go apps from unknown sources and make sure you turn that on.

If you’re on a newer fire os device, the menus might be a little bit different, but it’s, going to be a similar concept to install this hit. The home button go to that search icon right there and we’re, going to search for an application called downloader downloader.

You can either say it or you can type it. In orange icon. You’re, going to click on the downloader icon and click the download button. It’s, going to cue it and download it. Okay, once that is finished, we’re just going to pop that open press that open button right there press the allow button here and press the ok button.

We’re going to scroll one up here. You’re, going to click into this, and you’re, going to put in the following. Url: get dot file linked dot com; that’s. All you need to type in okay, get the filelink dot com and you’re gonna press that go button right there.

Okay, it’s going to connect and it’s, going to start downloading our apk. Our file linked apk in the next steps you’re, going to press the install button. If you’re on a newer fire os like fire, stick light it’s, going to go to the settings menu and then you’re, going to put on a little switch on to allow third-party apps okay.

So when the file link is installed, we’re, going to pop it open by hitting the open button, and i’m, going to give you a code and a pin number. If the code and the pin number doesn’t work always follow the instructions on the screen, so click into enter code.

I’m gonna put in one two three four five, six, seven, eight twos. Once you put in the eight twos, you’re gonna press that next button press the continue button and it’s going to say, enter. Pin now i’m, going to give you the pin number, but if ever the pin changes follow these instructions here in this text, this will get you always the newest pin number okay.

So, for example, you’re, going to open your phone search for new tech pin and you’re going to find my pin on youtube. I have a dedicated video to that click into enter. Pin i’m, going to give you the pin right now, but if it doesn’t work in the future, you know exactly to read those notes: okay.

98. 98. Is the pin number hit the next button and press the continue button? That’s, going to throw you into my store press the dismiss button once you’re into the store you’ll, see ipvanish here at the top click on the download icon for ipvanishvpn.

What that’s? Going to do it’s, going to download the vpn dismiss any pop-ups that come up and when you click on it, this will turn into a play button. That means we’re ready to install ipvanish, and i ‘

Ll. Explain why we’re, going to run ipvanish hit that play button to install ipvanish press the install button, this installs a vpn, and i’ll, explain in detail why you would need a vpn, so press the down button when it’s finished and you’re gonna scroll down and feel free when you scroll down, feel free to get any apks from my store.

They’re, always up to date, so movies and show apps. Cinema apk is a great one. If you want to try that uh zeni tv is great, btv ttv, shrix film, plus they’re all great applications, but today i’m, not going to talk about them.

Okay, now, if you haven’t subscribed to get all my updates in my following store. Make sure you subscribe to my channel hit that subscribe button right down and make sure your subscribers. So i can push out the newest updates of apks to you guys.

Okay, so keep scrolling down, and i know you’re, really imp. You’re, really waiting for me to tell you which app that is, and don’t worry. I’m going to do that. You’re, going to be keep scrolling down, and eventually we’re, going to see our app here and you can always use the search option too.

If you don’t want to scroll through it, so you can see. I have a lot of a lot of apps here. Okay, so the app is actually called morpheus. I i probably just skipped it here on my list, but if you’re having a hard time finding it like me, because we’re scrolling through a bunch of apps, but here it is right, underneath uk turks it might.

The order. Might be different, you can also search for it at the top if you go all the way to the top and search for it. Morpheus, tv, okay, so click the download button on morpheus tv, very small application.

I’m, going to show you the best setup and i’ll. Show you how quick and how fast this app is: okay, press the play button and press the install button and, as i said, scroll in my store and feel free to get any other apks.

You wish. Okay, let’s, press the done button. Okay, i’m gonna hit the home button and you can get into my following store at any time. You can go back and get any more apks. You can get cinema apk. You can get many other ones that are also great apks.

So now, before i run morpheus tv, i’m gonna run and make sure that i’m protected and completely anonymous when streaming content. So a vpn is going to protect me. Keep me anonymous. Give me geoblock content and get me links that have been blocked by your internet service providers, uh that they’re blocking some content.

Now the vpn’s. Gon na give you access to that they just upgraded their servers. Okay, so i’m, going to click on the ipvanish logo and icon it’s, going to start up ipvanish what you want to do. You want to get a username and password to log in it’s available right now, right below.

In the description pin comment, you’re, going to get the biggest discount that ever existed through my link, i’m, an ipvanish affiliate and you’re, going to get a better price than going directly to their website.

Unlimited devices best protection on fire stick use it with any of my apks from my filing store works really well. So click on that link choose your package. Once you choose your package, you’re, going to get an email confirmation to activate your account.

You’re, going to get your login and password. You’re, going to type that login and password in these fields here and you’re going to log in i’m, going to show you quickly once you’re logged in how to set this up To work the best with morpheus, okay, okay, once you’re logged into the vpn click, the gear, icon and say start ipvanish, startup connection action, connect too fast to server, auto reconnect and click on split tunneling.

If you have netflix hulu disney plus any of those apks split tuning will prevent the vpn being on. So i’ll click on split tuning and i’ll, say the search icon. I’ll, say prime. I don’t want, prime, to use the vpn like amazon prime right.

So i’ll, say prime now hit the next button and then i’ll, put a check mark on prime. You could do it with netflix hulu disney plus. What this means now is that the vpn will not be turned on for these applications.

Okay, click back make sure scramble mode is on hit. One back go to this side right here: go to country and select the united states. It’s, going to give you the most content and the most links united states and press the connect button.

Okay, make sure you press the ok. You can use this vpn with any of the apks from my store stay anonymous stay safe link is in the pin comment description to get your own account. If you do, if you already have a vpn, make sure you turn it on it’s, going to give you a better experience.

Okay, hit the home button and see it’s connected it’s already working and now i’m going to run morpheus. So i’m, going to hit, see all and i’m, going to show you the setup for morpheus to get the most content.

Click on morpheus it’s. Going to start up. You’re, going to see a couple of things in morpheus press the allow button we’re on the newest version now and i’m, going to always have the newest version of my store for you.

Press the ok button, uh, you got the debris cloud, you got settings tv shows and movies go to settings. The first thing you want to do: they do have a subscription now, but we don’t need it. It works amazingly well, even without a subscription, you got general okay, click on general and you got a couple of things here that you can set up nothing.

Really, we’re going to change. You got the player, so we’re going to use the morpheus player, but i like to change the minimum buffer duration. I’m, going to click on that and i’m going to switch the minimum buffer duration.

It’s at 3 000. We are going to bump it up to 10 000. So that means we’re, going to prevent most buffering. So that means the movie is going to take a little bit longer to load, but it’s not going to buffer okay, 1000.

hit back hit back one and let’s, go to movies and let’s check this Out so you got trending popular genres and then you got search so let’s, go to genres, try a little thing different and let’s, say comedy, and this beautiful see how fast it works pulls up beautifully.

And then, if i want to watch the movie, i would just click on that movie and it will say, searching sources and all my titles come up right away. Okay, we got look how fast the scraping happens and when i click on the movie, i can say play never say download.

It’s, going to fill up her device and the movie plays and look how fast this movie is already playing. I paused it here, but look how fast this is. This is by far one of my favorites. It’s so fast. I’ve, never used anything that works so fast and i even have a vpn on which a lot of people say: vpns slow you down, but with ipvanish.

This works amazingly well see i’m, going to just try something random yeah. Let’s. Try this one men in black international searching sources and look. We already have all these links that come up and 720 quality, let’s; click on one hit play and boom.

This thing just works very fast. The movie is already playing i don ‘ T know why this thing is so fast, but it’s. Incredibly, quick okay, i’m gonna go back. I’m gonna go back and i’m gonna go back and i’m gonna go back and i’m gonna go to tv shows.

I wan na see how it performs with tv shows. So let’s, see trending shows let’s, see what’s trending right now, so right now, okay, um, some old shows are actually trading. Trending. Okay, euphoria, that’s; fine and then we’re on season one and i’ll pick one of the episodes episode.

Eight goes off, searches for sources and look at that ten links already hit that play button say play the first link i selected and there you go and there you go it’s, playing very nice going okay. So let’s back out here, and that is pretty much.

Morpheus works great now, doesn’t crash. It’s, one of the fastest apks, in my opinion, works super fast works very good. Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here hit the subscribe button hit the like button.

Hope you enjoyed this video. Let me know what you think of morpheus. How is it performing for you? I need your comments. Let me know where you guys are from. How did you find me? Did you subscribe to my channel? I want all those comments, letting me know.

Thank you guys, thank you for being here and i ‘ Ll, see you all in the next one have a great great day.

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