How are ya, how are ya I’m craving some breast milk, so come binnacle drink some breast milk. You guys install this pan on it, have fun watching movies, hey everybody! What’s, going on and welcome back to techno flux got a really really exciting video today this is the top best working add-on for Cody right now, you’ll, be able to do lots and lots of things with this one.

I really enjoy this one. It’s, a newer one and besides the add-on that I’m, going to show you the repository it comes with is pretty cool there’s, lots of stuff in the repository. So, even if you find this add-on, isn’t what you want, you’re, going to find something in the repository that works for you.

So this is going to be a win win and just a heads up this add-on top working add-on as of right now for Cody it is compatible with cody 17.6 & amp, cody 18. So make sure you have updated your cody if you want it to work without any glitches or any issues, it is pretty cool.

The sections and this add-on include movie searches, people watching new movie releases 4k movies. You don’t see that very often catchup TV, which is a cool feature that I use a lot myself documentary kids.

If you got little ones running around and annoying you daddy, mommy, daddy mommy, you turn on the side on find a movie for them. While you do what you got to do to run your household, because that’s, where we’re at guys, that’s, where we’re at anyways, it’s, got kids, music movies, radio! That’s, pretty cool sports TV, entertainment and much much more, but to get going, and also each video or movie TV show whatever you want to watch comes with multiple links.

I’ve noticed lately with Cody. The add-ons only have one or two links this one gives you many links. So if one link is down, you know the other ones gonna work, because you know here a technical flux.

We only bring you the best and remember to always use a good VPN when you’re downloading or streaming or just online in general, you want to be an anonymous on the interweb. You want to be hidden. You don’t need your is company or your government see in what you’re doing online.

So I ‘ Ll have a link for you in the About section of the video to get you a great VPN and I’m. Pretty sure I have a. They have a crazy deal on right now. So make sure you check that out you don’t want to get free, VPN.

It’s, always better to pay that five dollars a month and have a peace of mind. Keep your identity safe and your internet activites hidden from peeping eyes so and in the About section I’m. Also gonna have the URL link for you to get this repository.

So if this video is moving a little quick for, you no worries. My friends so steps to install so you open, kodi, 17.6 or kodi 18, and we’ll go down here to this little gear. Icon will click on that and then we’re gonna go down here to file or up here to file manager.

Make sure i’m, assuming you’ve installed other cody’s or other add-ons on your kodi. But if you haven’t make sure you first go to go down to systems here, go down to add-ons and right here, unknown sources.

Make sure you enable that if this is your first add-on that you’re installing on a Kodi. If you don’t enable this unknown sources uh button here it won’t, let you add any add-ons so make sure you go do that first, so let’s, go back to the main menu and we’ll click on this gear icon and we’ll, go down to file manager here.

So once we’re at file manager, we’re gonna go down to add source, and once you click on that source here at where it says, none, we’re gonna click on none, and then we’re gonna type in this address here so remember.

If I’m moving a little too quick for you, I will have it in the About section. So there we go guys. This is the URL that you’re gonna need HTTP colon forward, slash forward, slash, supremacy, org, dot, uk’forward; slash zip forward, slash repo forward, slash after you’ve done that we’re gonna Go down here and press ok! So now you see our URL is in there and we’re gonna go down here and change the name.

So what should we name this? You can name it whatever. You want just remember what name you gave it to what I named it. We’re gonna delete all this, and I’m gonna name it. I’m gonna name. It supremacy you guys, can name it whatever you want.

I recommend you premises since the repositories named supremacy. So after you’ve, given it the name, you want, we’re gonna go over here and press ok. So, as you can see, we got our URL at the top and our name at the bottom.

We’re gonna go and press ok. So after we’ve pressed ok, we’re gonna go back to the main Cody menu exit out and we’re gonna go down here and click on add-ons. So once you click on add-ons, we’re gonna go up here to this unboxing.

This open box icon up here is your little blue highlight movement. We’re gonna go click on this unboxing and after we’ve done that we’re gonna go down, install from zip file, and then we’re gonna go down and find the URL And the name we just input so remember I named mine, supremacy whatever you named yours, you got to find that and then we’ll press.

Ok on that, and then we’re gonna go and click on repositories’primacy and we’re gonna click. Ok on that, oh and there we go so you have to wait till you see that pop up at the top right screen, recessive primacy add-on installed awesome.

So once we see that, then we’re gonna go up 1 to install from repository. So what we’ve just done is we’ve installed our repository. Now we’re gonna go into the repository and get the add-ons that we want out of that repository.

So we’re gonna click on install from repository. We’re gonna go down here to supremacy, and then we’ll go to let’s. Go to video add-ons. Like I said, this repository is actually pretty cool, so, as you can see here, there’s, a lot of add-ons here that you can get just from this.

Once a repository there’s, I mean sport, devil, lots of a night terror. Livestream Pro Yoda, I mean there’s a lot, but the add-on that I am recommending to you right now is the magic dragon yeah. You heard it right.

This is the add-on that we are gonna download. So we’re gonna click on OK on the magic dragon and, as you see here where it says, install we’re gonna go down there and we’re gonna click on install and you come.

Oh Brianna says the following will be installed, so it’s. Gon na install all these guys in there for ya, which I need most of these. I need, because this is a fresh download of Kodi. I haven’t even watched anything.

So most of these, you are going to need to get it working properly and then we’re gonna slide over here and click on. Ok, so you got ta, wait for all those uh add-ons to be installed: [, Music ]! You do bad on install mat there, you go, the magic dragon is installed, so we can play from here or we can go back to our main menu here.

So once it’s installed, we can go to video add-ons here and by the way you guys should check my other video about this Exodus. Redux. You need to install out one too that’s, pretty cool one. I’ll, put a card on the video, so you guys can do that.

We’re gonna go down here, the magic dragon and now magic dragon is installed and you guys are free to watch as you please. So. The categories here: movie, searches, people watching blu-ray movies, new movie, screeners new movie releases; 4k movies, catch-up episodes of the day documentaries.

Just like I told you guys earlier anyways, thanks for watching thanks for coming new tech, no flux, guys, please give us a subscribe, give us a thumbs up help a brother out, because I’ll, bring you with you all the info that you guys Need thanks guys thumbs up.

I’ll, see you on the next video bye, bye,

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  1. Hi there does yoda work on kodi 18 I tried last night and it wouldn’t install. I did have 13 clowns addon but it took over and installed TV addons repo and indigo and everything was fubar after that

    • What you want me to do back flips for you..I’m just here to give you some info and maybe show you something you didnt know..but if you like I can be more entertaining for you sorry I didnt think that part through when I was making this video maybe next time


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