kodi fusion addons

Fusion is a repository that hosts a whole lot of awesome add-on’s and repositories that you can directly install just be installing the Fusion URL into Kodi.

The repositories that are found under the wing of ‘Fusion’ range from sports, to movies to music and much more.


  1. Wow this was useless! Skip through everything way to fast plus u should probably do 1 at a time cuz a lot of us dk wtf where doing.

    • go to joenobody channel or soloman and youll find people who actually speak and take there time explaining what you need to do. this is absolutely ridiculous.

  2. how you think this was helpful in any way is beyond me. you dont speak or explain a thing, nothing in the description than all of a sudden the fucking guitar. you need to check out some real tutorial channels since you’re clueless on teaching people how to use the system. if I had to rely on this video to teach me anything, id be more lost than before I started watching because you don’t communicate a fucking thing. scrap it and start over or find another subject like guitar playing and go from there. but as of now your tutorial skill are null in void. WOW!!! JUST WATCH IT AND PICTURE BEING NEW TO KODI AND YOU’LL SEE WHAT THE HELL I MEAN. JUST WOW!!! WTF WERE YOU THINKING???? TELEPATHY???? MIND READING???? SOME KIND OF ALTERNATIVE COMMUNICATION THAT HASNT BEEN INVENTED YET???


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