I have had a lot of requests for a UFC addon for kodi & this is the only addon that i know of. It does not allow you to watch live UFC but has a playlist of different UFC events

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  1. hi can you please do a vid for an add on with all the best kung fu films for like donnie yen, jet li, bruce lee, Jackie chan ohh and also english subs please please please. Thank you

  2. Hi TT…have a question on VidTime not related to this video…just what happened to Perch Picks, it’s gone! I tried clicking VT Se – Sports/Live Sports/Hockey-getting a popup saying; if you continue, VidTime will modify your system. It redirects Nhl.com to a system that allows playable streams!! What’s going on here? Help and more importantly, what happened to Perch Picks (hockey streams)??

    • im not sure angela , im away from the computer this weekend, i would suggest looking at vidtim twitter or woodys twitter as he runs perch picks

    • +Top Tutorials couldn’t find them on Twitter…when you have time, can you look at your VidTime and see whether it is the same as I described?? Tx TT ☺️

  3. Thanks for video but that add on really only shows trailers for upcoming fights and training etc. It doesn’t actually show the fights, any UFC events or fight night. i.e you can go back to UFC 198 and see Jon Jones vs OSP… There is an add on in phoenix/one242415 and search for mixed martial arts which is a lot better as you can see the past UFC main fight events. Ideally, ufc add on with a fox sports channel would be ideal as i like to see breakdown, build up and analysis too.

  4. I’ve never been able to get a live fight on this add on. Have you? Is this add on just more of a preview site? Do you know where I can watch a UFC in HD? If I can get on to watch a fight, it is always on SD.

    • +Top Tutorials OK did you know of any that allow for the live ppv events for UFC I know prosports has a sub reddit you can program but for some reason non of the YouTube streams nor the srreamendous sources play there is an error or the srreamendous source is just a link to an ad…any suggestions??


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