Hey guys, how’s, it going everyone’s, jackie felix here and today i just want to make an updated guide to the um new add-on changes. I’ve had a couple weeks to kind of play around with the new add-ons, so i’ll.

Just give you guys a updated guide in regards to pve and pvp add-ons or suckers um. If you guys find this content enjoyable useful, please um, hit that subscribe button on youtube or and join the discord as well greatly appreciated so yeah.

Let’s get into the video. I want to start off talking about the pve skilled add-ons. I’m just going to go through skill and why i’ve selected, the individual add-ons so to start off with earthquake um.

I use evade earthquake for both pvp and pve, so i mainly use the skill to kind of get behind mobs and i think that having the back attack and critical hit damage add-on in this scenario would give me the most benefit.

Since i’ll be both be doing a lot of back attack and critical hit damage uh the second skill media shower. This is your tier three skill for suck wizard, and it will give you the highest damage, modifiers or add-ons.

So for this one. I have damage against monsters plus 30 for seven seconds and critical hit rate plus thirty percent for seven seconds. So this is a huge burst of damage, and i like to use this with the frontal guard.

Uh concentrated media instead of the aerial one. Now for the fireball explosion, i do have the same uh. I have the same damage against monster add-on as media, but i also have the attack, speed, slash, car speed add-on and i ‘

Ll use this um to pre-buff my damage when my media isn’t on basically um. So the next skill is prime equilibrium break, and i usually use this skill first when i’m grouping up the mobs together. So this is like kind of your debuff skill, where you have minus 15 dp for 10 seconds and minus 4 evasion for minus 4 invasion for 10 seconds.

So this is all for the end, grain and game growing spots like underwater stars in some earlier grand spots, or you know, like ash forest. This will be pretty important to have after i have earth’s, response, which i have back attack, damage and critical hit damage, plus three percent.

Now, when i i’ll use this when, like my earthquake, is on called uh on cooldown, and i also use this the same as my veda of quaking pve, where i just get behind the mobs and chain into my next cell skills, which is Like my either fire board to [ __ ], revamp fireboard fireball explosion or, like my lightning to residual combo, okay.

So, lastly, i have prime, i’ll, take pulse, which i have damage against monsters, plus 20 and critical hit rate, uh, plus 20 or seven seconds so yeah, hopefully um that’s, uh pretty self-explanatory. Now i’m going to go on to the pvp skill set, and this should be more interesting, so this pvp skill set add-ons is more designed for large scale.

It’s more designed for like fragging out less and less about supporting. I’ll, show you guys the supporting screens next, which i use for shot, calling and stuff but um. So let’s. Let’s get started um.

So i have earthquake here first, which i have attack. Speed cast b, plus seven percent and all dp minus 15 for 10 seconds now. The reason i have this set up the way it is because i usually use earthquake as a pre-engaged skill.

As engagement skill, sorry, do see me. Mouse move my earthquake forward into a voltaic and frigid fog. If you don’t use earthquake in this manner, then you might want to consider switching, maybe earthquake with some different, more defensive atoms right, okay! So next one’s, media shower um.

This is also your pretty huge. You should always have these add-ons and i have pvp damage plus 15 incredible hit rate plus 30, but there’s, a ton bunch of great add-ons. For this. You can also put all dp minus 20 or evasion minus five um attacks, car speed, minus ten percent.

All great add-ons for this and also uh interesting add-on is 150 blade damage for a first three seconds, 15 seconds so yeah after i have lightning storm, which i have connected to my high voltage front guard um and after my lightning storm i usually go straight into Lightning and residual lightning.

So for this i have pvp damage plus 10 and attack speed car speed plus 7 for 7 seconds. So i think that’s uh. This is a pretty good island to have um next, i have friction fog, so this is old, defense plus 15 and all evasion plus four percent seven seconds now.

This might be interesting for some of you guys, but the reason why i have to set up this way it’s because i usually use very good friction fog. As my last skill before i try to disengage right, so i’ll.

Do evade of quake forward into a voltaic pulse and future fog. So after i do my fridge fog, i’ll, probably tp out and try to throw range skills back and i’ll still be taking a bunch of damage right. So it’s good.

To have these defensive add-ons for the disengage now, if you want to, you, can also kind of get your old defense plus 15, and also change this with a 100 blade damage as well, which could work for you too, and finish off.

Those type targets are like at one or two percent hp, sometimes but yeah, okay. So after i have fireball explosion, which is pvp damage, plus 10 and tax, slash car speed, plus seven percent, that this is kind of like just my also my pre-buff skill, for when my media is on isn’t on and yeah, okay, so uh Yeah, so this is also on a seven second cooldown, so it’s, pretty short cooldown as well and after i have voltaic poles, which have critical hit rate plus 20 and all evasion minus four percent for 10 seconds now.

The reason i have critical hit rate plus 20 on my voltaic is because, if we look at the skill, fracture fog right um, it has a 50 credit crew rate already for pvp and pve. So if you get the 20 crew rate from i’ll take that becomes a seventy percent.

Crit rate on your frigid fog and your frigid fog is one of your hardest skills, especially when on the ground, right, um and all evasion. Minus four percent stacks already with uh uh debuff inherent debuff, which provides a minus 15 invasion rate for 10 seconds, so that’ll, be a 19 minus evasion rate.

If you hear or take on them for 10 seconds, so that’s pretty huge now the other interesting thing is um, so i’ll switch to my shot, calling um. Actually, i can’t right now, but what i’ll do. Is i’ll just hop onto my truck after real quick and i’ll.

Show you some of my um 1v1 add-ons as well as my owa, so this like airway, is a random masher, so it’s like tournament, 2v2 or 3v3 add-on setup. I have my suck wizard and you’ll, see what add-ons i run for that it’s very different to my large-scale add-ons.

So for my sockwiz add-ons here, what i’ll, probably primarily focus on is kind of stacking. My lightning skills with attack speed, car speed slows. So you see lightning storm. I have it residual lightning.

I have it and voltaic pulse. I have it as well, so uh your lightning skills. If you look, they have a kind of a ability which slows people like for so electrocuted right um. It slows down um their attack, speed, car speed, um and movement, speed rate and the add-ons will stack with those slows.

So it’s very beneficial to have um. The other thing is which is interesting is i have 150 bleed damage on my media? So if you look here at your media skill, where is it so? It already has like a 60 burn damage.

Every three seconds for 18 seconds right so that will stack on top of this, which is 210, bleed damage per three seconds. That’s. A lot of delay damage, especially for trials right, so this will. This will really help you finish off low targets.

Will almost negate their hp pod um, and i think you know the rest of it is pretty self-explanatory. I think uh, one of one of the other things i want to quickly talk about was also like how so for trial characters right like getting add-ons such as all evasion, minus four percent, oh accuracy, minus four percent and like elevation plus four percent, it’s not really that huge, because for our characters, inherently don’t have that many stats.

So if you are means this might be a little bit different, but yeah or trials. I wouldn’t, recommend getting like plus evasion or minus accuracy. The the difference wouldn’t really be that huge um, so yeah the other thing for your media um.

You could also kind of run a debuff media as well. So you could also run something like a minus 20 dp and a minus 15 pvp ap 415 for 10 seconds right. So this could also work very well in 1v1 and also like in tournament style fights such as arena, so yeah that’s.

Pretty much uh the stuff i want to go through today, guys. I hope you found this information useful and, as always, um, if you have any feedback suggestions in terms of add-ons leave them in the comments below, and apart from that, i’ll, see you guys next time, peace,

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