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Did you Screw Up your Kodi? Time to Start Over with "FRESH START"

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    • +AndyOctovia: Thanks for the suggestion. I have a build on my laptop that includes the Golden Gun addon. None of the addons from that repo loads. It may be because I have Kodi 18 on my laptop, and I’m not sure that works on 18. At one time I had Revo(from the same repo) and now it won’t load either. When I had 17.6(Krypton) it worked well on most addons. Now I can’t get 17.6 to load, all I can find is 18. Every time I try to load anything other than 18, it gets blocked and won’t load. I no longer pay for any services for Kodi because 2 different times I used pay services and got screwed. Set tv and Gears Reloaded. So I’m not paying for any services.

  1. I allready use IPVanish,unfortunately it wasn’t just the Vodoo addon i couldn’t get to install in the Golden Gun repo there were other addons which wouldn’t install either.Not sure wether it’s down to my build not compatible with certain addons but ever since Kodi was updated to 18.1 i’ve had one or two issues when trying to install addons


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