Today youtube announced “youtube TV” which is their cable tv service… without the cable! It competes with other streaming live television services such as sling, direct TV, and playstation Vue but offers a lot more in terms of services. DVR service as well as unlimited storage, etc.

In this video we take a critical look at Youtube TV and decide if its good for the consumer, good for the viewer, and good for the youtube creator.


  1. youtube is already tv, i’m currently on your channel, i have full control over which episode i which to watch, better than regular television.

    • +MrEpic7203 …what? I was referring to the fact that I don’t like watching cable because you can’t skip commercials. I assume you’re referring to some sort of DVR service, but that’s not live, that’s after the fact. As for me, I prefer to watch YouTube videos, because thanks to uBlock, I don’t have to suffer through commercials anymore.

    • Maybe you could ignore the comments? I mean sure, funny stuff happens in the comments, but are you here for the content creator or the comments? Not trying to be rude, just being honest about how to avoid it. 🙂

  2. What I don’t understand boogie is why YouTube is still trying to do this, with YouTube Red and premium shows, YouTube was not meant for TV, it was made for content creators like you. TV and YouTube were meant to be different things, that’s what made it so different and special. Although it is a great way to pay less for TV you might not watch (or do), I wish they could just make google TV with the same idea, I miss the old YouTube and what if was intended for, compared to what it is becoming now.

    • if they make it to pay for youtube then a free youtube competitor will arive, and everyone would switch to whatever free video hosting service exists. the thing you need to worry about is when a monopoly forms and all the companies work together to have a non free system, but even then that won’t last long before another free program is developed to beat that monopoly.

    • I’ve once seen a youtuber (dsp) put 7 ads in a 20 minute video, its unbelievable, there are now 2 sponsors in some videos now, this entire site is a huge fucking advertisement

    • You are missing the point. We don’t like ads, nor we care who “loses” money. If we like a product we will directly pay for it or disable the ad blocker. I for instance, if I can’t get it easily or at a fair price, I’ll just pirate it.

      Content from youtubers is worth paying them directly or with ads. But on TV nothing is worth paying 30 bucks plus a ridiculously high amount of ads. Nothing on TV is worth it. And what is worth is already on Netflix or similar.

    • @8bitdiedie:
      ok first off only PC noobs think that just having an anti virus program will keep you safe. prevention is the best medicine here. second its not my fault that they chose to make revenue in a way that endangers my PC and private info! third ya having adverts in the videos suck but at least they are normally relevant to the topic of said video and best of all they won’t give my PC an STD!

    • Jacabo Blanco I never said that conservative media doesn’t get the shaft; I just said that there have been conservative videos in YouTube’s trending tab.

    • “What you call liberal is actually normal, non crazy content.”

      This is as idiotic as the initial comment.

      No, liberals are just as fucking insane as conservatives. Stop with your bullshit.

    • The Infidel yeah one side is talking about moral policing by the majority and the other side is talking about turning frogs gray.

      Equally crazy.

      Eat your veggies kid.

    • +graphicsgod Actually, over the air is making a big comeback. There’s a number of very low profile antennae that pick up channels from a much greater range than rabbit ears. That said, I don’t do TV shows much myself, much more into podcasts.

  3. I haven’t watched TV shows on a TV set in years. Nearly all the TV shows that I do watch I simply wait until they come to my public library and then binge watch them all at one go. As for news, I watch that on YouTube since FNC has finally created its own YT channel and put a lot of their content now on YouTube … where they once didn’t and were constantly doing take-down strikes on YT channels that did. I am a big fan of “Special Report with Bret Baier”. However, I’m not into sports at all so that was never an issue. This last Superbowl, I simply went to a sports bar/restaurant and watched it on MASSIVE flat-screen 4K TV screens in every direction you looked while eating a great buffet that I didn’t have to cook. As for getting YouTube TV, I doubt that I will. If it was free, sure. $30 or so bucks a month? Nah.

  4. I wouldn’t want it or pay for it. I left traditional TV because there was never anything I wanted to watch when I wanted to watch it and I hate commercials and ads. That’s why I use streaming services that don’t have ads or commercials and why I try to circumvent advertising.

    I don’t want YouTube to become like TV. I watch YouTube because I like seeing normal everyday people like me and hearing what they have to say or watching some talent that they are good at, or like watching videos that demonstrate peoples skills, knowledge, and creativity.

    YouTube should be laid back and fun, not be a job where people feel pressured to entertain us — that’s when quality usually goes down and when I start to lose interest because it gets too commercialized.

    • I really hope you turn off your adblocker for the channels you subscribe to and watch regularly. It’s how they make money.

    • That’s mostly what YouTube is now. Ive heard my YouTubers talk about how they feel pressured to put out videos based on how many views they will get versus what really interests them.

  5. If youtube can’t provide good support and service for the platforms they have, I have no reason to trust them with my money on new service. Thumbs up for Boogie, thumbs down for Youtube TV.

    • +Childhood Obesity & Soda Or there’s the fact that Youtube and google in general doesn’t really have first party support. You generally just have to hope somebody else has posted online about a fix to your problem. If I’m giving money every month to a service, I’d better be able to at least email a person with problems.

    • You are one person. There are millions of sports fans, and sports broadcasts are among the biggest reasons they still watch TV.

    • +tmpardi77 What’s that got to do with me? No one is calling for the banning of TV and or sports, I’m merely saying TV is dying and irrelevant.  People were I live go mad for sports but the largest rise in sports viewing is on hand held devices.  


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