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How to install all of Diggz Kodi 17 Builds


  1. Aldren, if I’m running a gow 16.1 apk on a Droid tablet, can I also run a separate version of 17.0 or will I need to delete 16.1?

  2. Can you help my firestick is stuck on the home screen and I was just enjoying this awesome build, anything I can do I let it cool down

  3. First I would like to say thank you for the video. For some reason I am I am getting a prompt that says invalid URL after I hit build button can you please tell what I did wrong

  4. whats up aldren, INSTAGRAM LINGO (YOUTUBE) has a build he is trying to put out there, its pretty cool, he needs help gettinng it out there on a wizard, can the kodi wiz look it up and help him out? its on youtube under (BEST KODI BUILD EVER BY ME) BY INSTAGRAM LINGO

  5. New to this was paying people to update for me prior. now do myself and this one seems more user friendly and sleeker than the GOW apk. Yr updated video was very useful because I was getting error and more frustrated. Gonna update all my devices to this one. Thanks and keep doing yr thing

  6. aldren everytime I install it i’m only getting 16.0 Echo Wizard to download and not the Kryon XXX 17. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong


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