Same today, i’m, going to introduce you again to my favorite, build the xenon, build it’s, gotten an update. I’m using kodi 19.. This also works on kodi 18.8 18.9. I believe as well, but i’m using kodi 19 and it works perfectly fine for me what you have here.

It gives you a bunch of options. Pre-Loaded you can check out. You know, movies tv shows all that good stuff. You guys are looking for and it pretty much loads up very, very very fast, so we’re going to get right into this tutorial, real quick.

If you want to check out this xenon build, which you’re, going to stick around and i’m going to get you guys set up all right, let’s! Go all right! So, just like in all my videos. I like to do my builds my installations from the main kodi screen.

If you’re using your own build and you want to try out the xenon build and show you how to get back to the main screen. So you can install this. So in this, in the xenon build it goes to xenon, free and under xenon free.

You can find kodi settings in your build, it may say settings, it could say kodi settings, but it’s. The settings section that you’re. Looking for so find your settings section and we’re going to click on that from there.

You need to find interface, okay, so click on interface, and then we’re going to go up to skin. I’m gonna change this right here and we’re gonna go to estari, so click on a story and then go to yes to keep changes all right.

So now we’re on the main kodi build main cody screen. Now, if you’re, someone who has not used a build before and you’ve been on the main coding screen. This is what you’re, going to look at you’re, going to look just like this.

It’s, kodi 19 first uploaded. Then i want you to go up to the settings right here. Let’s! Click on settings once you go over to system, if you already have done this, you don’t need to do this and then from system.

I need you to go to please hold ha add-ons from add-ons. You need to make sure unknown. Sources is checked on on my screen. You can’t see it because it goes a little further from my little side stuff here, but this should be on the right side on once.

You have this on back at settings, we’re, going to go to file manager, okay, go down to source and once you to type this in, exactly as i double click on source and type this in, exactly as i do, if you have any Issues as always, it will be on screen.

So i won’t. Leave you hanging all right. Let’s, get right into that. You’re, going to type in all right, so you’re, going to type this in. Exactly as i do, okay, if you find up yourself into any errors, it’ll pop up, but as always, it will be on the bottom of the screen.

So it’s, going to be diggs repo come on. Now we got and i like to add a backslash at the end there so diggs, repo dot, and again it’ll, be on the bottom of the screen as well. Once you have that in click, ok – and you can name this whatever you want – i’m, going to name it xenon.

I already have it so it’s, going to be xenon 2, but don’t worry about it. It’s, fine, just like that. Okay and then click okay, when you’re done here, if you’ve got a pop-up saying that something didn’t doesn’t.

Look right! You need to retype it in because you type something in wrong: it’s, not going to work all right. So then, once you go back one, i’m gonna go into add-ons click on add-ons from add-ons. I want you guys to go to install from zip file start from zip file here, scroll down until you find the xenon add-on.

We just entered so go right there. I’m gonna click on xenon bam and store repo bam, and then repository digs click on that now i already have it so my screen is probably gonna say updated instead of installed, which is perfectly fine.

I’m still going to show you guys get this so boom mine is add-on. Updated. This probably says add-on installed, no problem at all. What i want you to do next is go okay, so once we have that you showed that it’s installed for you good.

I want you to go to install from repository next, okay, so click on install from repository from here. I want you to go to all repositories, all repositories, scroll down to program add-ons for program, add-ons scroll down again until you come across the chef wizard.

Okay, once you’ve scrolled down, you found chef wizard. I want you to click on chef, wizard and then go to install so install it. This is fine. We’re gonna hit. Okay, give it a few seconds. Let it do its thing.

Nice chef voices add-on has been installed once this pops up. I want you to click on the build menu click on build menu from build menu um. This is just letting you know what the latest updates were again.

Like i said earlier, i said i had kodi 19. I definitely have 18.9. Sorry, i’m. My bad, i definitely have 18.9 anyway. This is the one i use 18.9 digs uh xenon free. This is the best one i’ve tried a few other ones, but this one seems to do the best.

You know it does. What i wanted to to do – and it was last updated on the 9th of december, so why not so again let’s, click on diggs, xenon, free and from there you just go right to the bottom chef wizard install click on that.

Yes install now this takes a little bit of time. I think it took me with my computer speed. It probably took like two to three minutes, because after this screen there’s, another one it has to install all the packages.

So let this go for a bit and then we’ll jump right into it afterwards, like i said i didn’t lie to you. Let this part go through don’t touch nothing. Let it do its thing. Okay, it’s, gonna work out all right so upon reopening kodi.

You should get this screen right now, once you get here, all i want you to do is nothing at all. Let this all install it’s going to take some time just because it has to install all the add-ons and repos necessary for the build to work correctly.

Okay, so don’t get impatient. I’d, say give it like a minute or two to let it do its thing. And then you have nothing else to worry about regarding this. Okay, so leave it alone. Okay, and once your xenon build, has fully loaded as mine has you are good to go? You’re good to go so what i’d, like to do just to give you guys a quick run through xenon build comes with a bunch of sections that are pretty much categorized out for you.

If you’re. Looking for something in particular, this is how i usually go about doing it. I’ll scroll to the movies section i’ll, go down to maybe the popular list, click on that. Let it load up nice inside the popular list.

Then it has a bunch of different categories for what you’re. Looking for, if you’re, looking for specific netflix things dc, if you’re, looking in marvel field, that’s, cool latest releases, they have a bunch, a bunch, a bunch of uh genres and categories you can check out.

So if i were to click latest releases, i’m, not going much further than this. By the way you guys got to explore yourself all of these work out. So if you click on them, uh you ‘ Ll, get a bunch of links.

It’ll. Let you choose from. Let me just let me just click one i’ll. Show you i’m, not pulling up a movie at all, but i’m going to show you what happens here, so it usually pulls up one of these options that you can choose that to find the links from i use tempest And tempest worked fine for me, as you guys know, i do like numbers as well.

Numbers is a great add-on. I have not tried the crew, yet i will, and if it’s great, i’ll, put a video on it. However, i know tempest and numbers worked very well for me: temp is the the most recent okay.

So with that being said, this is your xenon build. I think it’s, pretty okay back up now. I think it’s, pretty cool and um. It worked pretty well for me, yeah that’s. Fine, i didn’t click, anything to play um, it works really well for me, um.

It works very fast also, and i also have a video coming up pretty much. Maybe today i’ll upload it where it shows you guys how to speed up your system just a little bit more depending on your buffer size.

Okay, so with all that being said guys, i hope this is really informative for you, um. If you have any questions again drop a comment below. I will definitely answer you guys in the comment section put a like out subscribe and put my notifications on as well.

So you know when a new video is dropping and also helps the channel grow. My notifications pull up right in your feed, so i’m in your face all the time and if you don’t think that’s. Annoying then you should click the notification bell, but anyway um again again thanks for stopping by – and i will see you guys in the next one

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  1. Does anyone know how to get to his beginning screen from where he first starts out usually you type the address in the downloader and take it from there??? Usually got to go to the downloader and type a site in and he never did does anybody know what that site would be???

  2. Hey thanks alot again! I just set up the Xenon build and all the wrestling apps are there. I just wanted to ask you in this video when you show to install diggz xenon v3 6.4 but I only saw 6.6 did you update it and is 6.6 the correct version to download because everything looks good so far. Please let me know


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