YOUTUBE – Fix Addon on KODI / XBMC – (January 2015 )

This is a video for you to either download the youtube addon or to fix any issues with the youtube addon from xbmc/kodi

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  1. Now all I need to get is local channels and I am done with cable.  Please let me know if there is a way to get local channels from xmbc or kodi. 

  2. صوت الحنفية مسموع فى الفيديو  و المياه تنقط حاول المرة القادمة سكرها  ههههههههههههه

    • +Husham Memar لو سمحت سيد هشام انا عم حاول ادخل ع اليوتيوب داخل كودي ما عم اقدر وما عم اعرف شو المشكلة علما اني قمت بتنصيب
      wizard 0.8.8a
      الرجاء الإفادة وشكرآ ?

    • +Javier Vargas it took me 13 tries, so 13 times i had to enter the code again, then it finally worked 😉 just keep trying, it has nothing to do with the addon though, Its purely youtubes fault

    • i found that on slower wifi connection this bug happens more often…    so when i moved my kodi device closer to my router this worked first try!    🙂

    • also invalid credentials error I get on bromix 5.1.16.
      I have to again and again sign out and sign in by activate YouTube method.
      this is really annoying what’s causing this? bromix please fix this

  3. That doesn’t work for me, Husham. It says it’s because I don’t have a You Tube account. I have the Beast and it’s not letting me update or uninstall or reinstall either. I get the “limit exceeded” error even if I’ve only been in You Tube once that day.

  4. 2 things, for one the supposed bromix source latest update I have is 5.1.16, & the main problem I keep having & that I think a lot of others are having is that we get an error message that keeps saying daily limit exceeded

  5. I have been using bromix repo to play Youtube videos on my Vu Solo2 with official Vu XMBC (13.2) software, but today I deleted the repo by mistake, so my Youtube add on stopped working.I have reinstalled the repo from the zipped file but it appears empty after installation? I even reinstalled Youtube add on version 5.1.16 as zipped file but am getting Project marked for deletion message? Any suggestions please?

  6. the problem i am having with youtube is every time i go to search a movie and clicks on it a message would come pop up saying daily search exceeded. the version i have is 5.1.16 can you help me…

  7. help please I’m using final cut pro and when I’m trying to share my video to YouTube I get an error that says “exceed daily limit” why is this? help please

  8. Hi i have kodi 14.2 youtube add on cant open it show error script failed youtube what do i do can you help me my youtube ad is


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